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White Willow

What is White Willow?

White willow bark, often referred to as “nature’s aspirin”, is a herbal extract derived from the bark of the white willow tree Salix Alba. White willow’s use in traditional medicine dates back over 3500 years when it was used for the management of pain and fever by Sumerians and Egyptians.[1] The principal active constituent is salicin (used to make salicylate, salicylic acid) which in combination with other active constituents (other salicylates, polyphenols, flavonoids) helps to induce analgesic/anti-inflammatory effects.

On ingestion, approximately 80% of the salicin in willow bark extract is absorbed.[2]

What are the proposed benefits of White Willow?

White willow bark extract is widely used for conditions associated with mild pain, inflammation, or mild fever. Its main effect is as a powerful analgesic with minimal gastrointestinal upset and irritation.

Evidence from clinical trials

White willow has a long history of traditional Western herbal medicine use for managing conditions associated with mild pain, inflammation or fever[2].

Human clinical trials have validated the use of White willow as an analgesic, at a dose of 240mg salicin/day.

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