Why I reach for the Swisse Beauty Balance range

Why I reach for the Swisse Beauty Balance range

Written by: Joao Paulino de Carvalho
Innovation Manager

Everyone here at Swisse HQ is very excited about our new Swisse Beauty Balance range, the first product line that we’ve co-developed with a dermatologist. We’ve seen all the beautiful products come to life over the past two years, but it was time to find out how good the range really is. Swisse team member Joao is a self-confessed skin-aficionado, so we put him to the test to give us an honest review of his experience with the new range. Over to you Joao!    

My skincare journey  

I suppose my love for skincare has stemmed from my struggles with breakouts from a young age. Having lived in a hot, humid climate, my oily-combination complexion suffered from congestion which led to ongoing acne breakouts. Luckily, my move to Australia has helped mitigate some of the external triggers for my skin, and over time I’ve managed to get my breakouts under control.  

My first impressions of the Swisse Balance Range  

My academic and professional background meant I spent a lot of time digging into skin science, so my interest in skincare has gradually increased over the years. That’s why I was excited to see such well-studied ingredients in the new range, namely retinol, ceramides, niacinamide, salicylic acid and zinc. 

This range feels more specialised than our others in our portfolio particularly because it’s the first time Swisse Beauty has collaborated with a dermatologist. Knowing that this range has the backing and expert input from Dr Alice Rudd gives me confidence that I’m doing something good for my skin.  

How the Swisse Balance range has helped my acne 

The first thing I noticed about these products was the scent particularly the cucumber scent from the Salicylic Acid Daily Balance Cleansing Gel. The inclusion of salicylic acid was a great choice as it really works for acne prone skin because it’s gentle while still doing its job.  

I’ve been using our Balance products since about November last year, and my skin definitely feels smoother. As I have oily/combination skin, I’m used to having spots arise occasionally, but I’m pleased to say that I haven’t had a breakout in a really long time. I have so much trust in the Blemish Remedy Fast-Acting Drying Lotion, it really works wonders. For any odd pimple that’s appeared since November, this product has helped get rid of it swiftly.  

Aside from the products themselves, my routine is pretty simple and consistent.  

AM: Step one, two, and three every morning for me is: Salicylic Acid Daily Balance Cleansing Gel, BHA 2% Clear Skin A.M Balance Serum, and Ceramides B3 Daily Balance Moisturiser. As a step four, I always apply SPF 50+, even in Melbourne’s temperamental weather!  

PM: I use the same cleanser, a PM serum and the same moisturiser. I alternate my nighttime serums between the Retinol 0.1% Clear Skin PM Balance Serum and Swisse Glycolic 10% Resurfacing Night Serum.

Other skin tips that help me  

  • I wash my hands frequently as I tend to keep touching my face, at the risk of undoing all the great work my skincare has done.  
  • A weekend ritual of mine is washing my cotton pillowcases! We often move around so much in our sleep and our pillowcases can absorb skincare, dead skin cells, dust, you name it. This has been an avid habit of mine for years and it really helps keep my breakouts at bay.  
  • I also like to keep an eye on how my skin is going, and some days it’s ok to give my skin a bit of a break. I’m consistent with my skincare but I think it’s important to avoid overdoing it with cleanser or too many products, so my skin’s natural barrier remains intact.  
  • While not for everyone, I’ve personally found consuming plant-based milk over dairy has helped my skin immensely.  

My favourite Swisse Balance product and why  

The Blemish Remedy Fast-Acting Drying Lotion is by far my favourite product. It just works so well and fast! It absolutely delivers on its promise.  

Joao Paulino de Carvalho

Joao Paulino de Carvalho - Innovation Manager

João Paulino de Carvalho is Innovation Manager at Swisse Wellness and has been with the company for nearly 6 years, having held roles in Scientific Affairs, Product Development and Marketing along the way....