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Exploring The New Swisse Beauty Balance Range With Dr Alice Rudd

Written by: Dr Alice Rudd

While our Swisse Beauty range has always been backed by science, co-developing a specific topical skincare suite with a dermatologist is a first for our brand. Featuring key active ingredients and specifically formulated for acne-prone skin, it’s a range we’re immensely proud of. Of course, we wouldn’t have been able to make this range possible without the help of Dr Alice Rudd. A dermatologist for over ten years and owner of Skindepth Dermatology in Melbourne, it’s safe to say Alice knows a thing or two about acne. We caught up with her for a quick-fire Q&A on how the range came to be.  

How did you become involved with Swisse Beauty?  

I think the main reason Swisse Beauty approached me was because of my huge passion for acne. We had a few initial conversations, and after I heard their ideas, I couldn’t say no. My philosophy is based on the power of active ingredients, and Swisse was authentic in their approach to wanting to work with these ingredients too. It felt like the right fit as we were speaking to skincare products in the same way.  

I think it’s important for people to know that we worked together on this range for over two years, meticulously selecting ingredients and fine-tuning the product formats to produce a beneficial range. Each of these products has active ingredients that work very well for acne, and I can truly say that these products should help, based on science.  

Can you tell us more about these active Ingredients?  

So, there are a few key active ingredients in this range that work well on acne-prone skin. 

Niacinamide:  aka vitamin B3 is one the most popular and widely researched skincare ingredients. It has a powerful skin impact. It’s great for balancing oil and is especially beneficial in visibly easing redness because of acne breakouts.  

Retinol: This ingredient is also important in helping acne. It’s best used as a preventative, which is why the Retinol 0.1% Clear Skin P.M. Balance Serum  is designed for nighttime use. I like to call retinol your ‘insurance policy’ as it works to help ensure that new spotsdon’t appear, rather than fighting existing breakouts. I feel every acne routine needs retinol in it. If you’re a first-time retinol user, however, it’s important to consult the advice of a healthcare professional and patch test before you commence using it. Ideally, you can start by using it a couple of times per week and build it up slowly.  

Salicylic Acid: Also known as Beta hydroxycarboxylic acid (BHA) is an oil soluble acid that helps to de-grease your skin. The Salicylic Acid Daily Balance Cleansing Gel  from the range is a low-foaming, non-stripping cleanser that provides a deep clean while helping to remove excess oil refine the appearance of pores and help manage acne-prone skin.  

What products are in the Swisse Balance range and why?  

Salicylic Acid Daily Balance Cleansing Gel : So, we’ve chosen a cleanser with salicylic acid and BHA because we want this to de-grease and remove any grime and oil from the skin without drying it.  

Ceramides B3 Daily Balance Moisturiser:  We’ve then chosen a moisturiser that can hydrate but not clog the skin which can cause the skin to produce more acne.  

Serums are vital in any acne-care regime, so we knew we wanted them included in the range. Because serums work the skin more than a cleanser and a moisturiser, they are oil soluble and deliver the active ingredients more effectively. Our BHA 2% Clear Skin A.M. Balance Serum  helps to improve skin texture, clarity and hydration while the Retinol 0.1% Clear Skin P.M. Balance Serum  works to prevent new breakouts from occurring.  

Despite our best efforts, unfortunately we’re still going to get acne breakouts, which is why we’ve incorporated the Blemish Remedy into the range. This fast-acting drying lotion contains sulfur to visibly reduce breakout size on blemish-prone skin.  

Final words of wisdom to people living with acne?  

My main advice is not to overdo it, stick to a plan, follow the steps in this plan and stay consistent. Skipping your night routine and leaving grime, oil and makeup on from the day will clog your pores and can cause blemishes on skin.  I’d also strongly advise you to be patient and trust the process. The before and after shots you scroll through on Instagram are not overnight successes, but results from consistent dedication and consistency. Stick with it and you’ll see the results over time!  

Dr Alice Rudd

Dr Alice Rudd - Dermatologist

Since undergoing her medical degree at Monash University, followed by her postgrad in dermatology studies at Australasian College of Dermatologists, Dr Alice Rudd has carved out a successful career as a dermatologist for over ten years. While she has vast experience working with an array of skin issues such as pigmentation, eczema and psoriasis, her true passion is working with acne-prone skin. Alice is the proud owner of her own clinic, Skindepth Dermatology in Melbourne’s Southeast, where her team focuses on a holistic approach to achieving healthy skin....

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