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About Us

The Australian Success Story

Swisse’s mission is to make people around the world healthier and happier.

Swisse is the Australian market leader in the vitamins, herbal and mineral supplements (VHMS) market and a primary contributor to the growth of the category. We have expanded our product range over time to cover a broad suite of health and wellness products. As a world leader in a dynamic high-growth industry, Swisse is constantly evolving and expanding. Our leadership and organisational structure continue to support Swisse’s development to become a truly global brand.

The evolution of Swisse Wellness is an Australian success story that began with founder Kevin Ring selling pollen tablets in a humble Melbourne bakery in 1969, inspired during a trip around the world. From the outset, Kevin’s dream of making people all over the world healthier and happier (H&H) was embedded in the Swisse DNA and drove the evolution of the product range we have today, formulated to support optimal health and wellbeing through all life stages.

Since our acquisition in 2015 by Hong Kong listed infant formula company, Biostime (now Health & Happiness Group), we have become an integral part of the global H&H Group house of wellness brands. The H&H Group brings six international brands together to make people healthier and happier around the world:

  • Biostime, the global leader in premium infant nutrition and care industry
  • Swisse Wellness, Australia’s leading natural health brand and supplements
  • Healthy Times, Baby’s favourite organic food since 1980’s in the U.S
  • Aurelia, revolutionary probiotic skincare based in the UK
  • Dodie, French institution since 1957 in baby bottles and accessories
  • Good Goût, French organic baby food products
  • Swisse Me, UK wild little sibling of Swisse

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