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What You Need To Know About Healthy Glowing Skin In Winter

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Imagine wearing your summer wardrobe during winter. Sounds silly right? You’d be freezing and probably catch a cold. Well, this is what you’re unknowingly doing to your skin when you don’t adjust your skincare routine as seasons change. Our beauty team at Swisse have done the research for you.

But why is skincare different in winter?

It should come as no surprise that as we welcome winter, the temperature starts to drop, humidity too, the days become windier and our UV exposure changes. Our entire lifestyle choices are also flipped on their head, as days out in the sun turn to cosy nights by the fire, and so too should our skincare regime.

Generally speaking, our skin tends to become drier in the winter months mostly due to the extreme temperature changes we put our body through as we walk from the cold outside to heated rooms indoors[1]. Our skin can’t keep up and reacts by drawing moisture away from the exterior, unless we intervene.

The good news is… you can certainly help to support your skin. Subtle changes to our skincare routine is sometimes all that is needed to protect our skin.

Water is the answer

The first tip isn’t actually one to do with your skincare regime. You see, your skin acts as a barrier that keeps water inside your body, so when it’s dry indoors and cold outside, water evaporates off the surface faster, causing your skin to dry out[2].

Simply drinking an extra glass of water or two can be the answer, by upping your hydration levels you help increase the supply of water available to be drawn to the surface of your skin, helping prevent that dry flaky look[3].

Another option is to make your environment less dry. No we’re not kidding, a humidifier does this and a lot of people swear by them as a great way to bring moisture back into your home, especially if you’re prone to blasting the heater during those chilly nights[4].

But what happens when you’re out and about? Well, using a product like the Swisse Skincare Rosewater Hydrating Mist Toner is the next best thing. It helps your skin by adding a thin absorbable layer of hydration, while also being infused with a blend of botanical ingredients like Aloe Vera and Organic Rose Hip Fruit Extract which further softens the skin.

You can do better… than your current moisturiser

This one might be a no brainer, but moisturising your skin is crucial for keeping it hydrated during winter.

Applying the right moisturiser as soon as you get out of the bath or shower, and then once again during the day is the best way to ensure your skin stays feeling soft and smooth.

Layering an oil on your face like the Swisse Skincare Rose Hip Antioxidant Facial Oil prior to a cream-based moisturiser helps trap in the hydration. It’s a lightweight, non-greasy formula that's enriched with a nourishing blend of Rose Hip and essential oils. It helps to improve skin hydration, protect the moisture barrier and provides a rich source of antioxidants for a healthy and rosy complexion.

Cleanse the right way

Even with our best efforts sometimes dry skin just happens, but it’s important not to be aggressive in your skincare treatment no matter how frustrated you become.

Avoid harsh cleansers and toners! We cannot stress this enough, along with any sort of physical exfoliant which dries the skin out even more[5].

Instead, opt for natural foam cleansers that focus on maintaining moisture in your skin. Swisse Manuka Honey Daily Glow Foaming Cleanser is perfect for this, with stabilised vitamin C and papaya enzymes. This refreshing and radiance-boosting cleanser delivers intense moisture and a gentle clean for soft, dewy and glowing skin.


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