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We’re Shaking Up Social Media With Digital Minimalism

Written by: Victoria Hanlon
Senior Writer

How long do you spend on your phone each day? If you’re like us, you’re probably guilty of scrolling a bit too much. And we all know that screentime overload isn’t positive for your wellbeing. In fact, whilst it’s recommended that we spend no more than 30 minutes per day on social media[1], Australians are surfing socials for an average of almost two hours per day[2].

With that thought in mind, we’ve recently reconsidered how we use our Swisse digital channels and the impact it’s having on our online audience. Swisse is a brand that stands for health and happiness, and we support the pursuit of wellbeing through our pillars of nutrition, movement, and mindfulness. As wellbeing is something that is achieved offline in the ‘real world’, we found ourselves pondering a question: what do we stand for online?

And the answer became clear: we believe that the content we share should be intentional and useful for the lifestyle we promote. Content that actively supports wellbeing, without being self-promotional or feed-filling. That the time we ask you to spend with us should help you unlock and live your sources of wellbeing, not distract from them.

Therefore, we have made the decision to embrace inspiring engagement of a different kind through ‘digital minimalism’. A digital detox that supports in-real-life engagement with health and wellness at its heart. Engagement with friends, family, and loved ones – because this is the engagement that matters. We are choosing to share less, so that you can connect more with the heart of your wellbeing.

From today and going forward, we will be sharing only conscious content on Instagram. Content that will serve you and help you reach for your reason. You won’t see us online as often, but when you do, we hope our content will fill up and nurture your soul. ​Here’s to digital minimalism and living well.


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2. Digital 2022 Australia. We Are Social & Hootsuite. Published 9 February 2022

Victoria Hanlon - Senior Writer