The Inspired Unemployed Sitting At A Boardroom Table With Swisse Gummies

Surviving Your First Week At A New Job

Written by: The Inspired Unemployed - Matt Ford and Jack Steele
Chief Gummies Officers

Noone wants to give off kook energy in their first week at a new job, that’s something you want them to realise after your probation ends. So, we’d suggest going in with a bit of a game plan. TBH we had only a few minor hiccups returning to work as Swisse’s new Chief Gummies Officers, but who hasn’t smashed a coffee cup in the kitchen and gotten stuck in the lifts at some point? Read on and let us give you a leg up so you can tackle your first week with confidence.  

1. Check the milk 

Matt: I don’t mind telling people I’m lactose intolerant, but the last thing I want to do on my first week is show them. If you’ve got dietaries, don’t chance it, double check the milk before you go gung ho on a cuppa tea.  

2. Take notes  

Jack: people are going to chuck all sorts of things at you in your first week, their name, internal acronyms, the wifi password. Do your future self a favour and write it down even if it doesn’t make sense, in fact, especially because it doesn’t make sense.  

3. Buy your coffee   

Jack: a better strategy for your hot drinks is to find the local cafe and outsource the work. Nothing says “I ain’t got a clue” like burning yourself with the milk frother and spilling ground coffee beans on the floor. Don’t be a hero.

4. Take a minute for mindfulness  

Matt: first days are full on, take the edge off by finding a quiet room and taking a minute. If you’re lucky like we are at Swisse, there will be a dedicated meditation room.  

5. Appropriate attire  

Jack: in hindsight, taking our wardrobe cues from Mad Men probably wasn’t the way to go, turns out a full kit with the suit and tie isn’t the standard anymore. Don’t be nervy to ask about the dress code before your first day.

6. Double check your whiteboard marker  

Matt: if you feel the need to flex your professionalism on a whiteboard double check it’s a whiteboard marker and not a permanent marker. Or if you don’t, at least make sure you know how to spell the very product you’re being brought in to work's 'gummies' btw. 

The Inspired Unemployed - Matt Ford and Jack Steele

The Inspired Unemployed - Matt Ford and Jack Steele - Chief Gummies Officers

Jack Steele and Matt Ford, previously known as The Inspired Unemployed, joined the Swisse team in 2024, becoming our first ever Chief Gummies Officers. With half a decade under their belt inspiring the nation, and as notable contributors on our first ever 2023 Gummies Campaign, Jack and Matt came aptly suited to lead our Gummies innovation projects. ...