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Sleep Tips From The Swisse Sleep Squad

Written by: Swisse Wellness
Swisse Wellness

The Swisse Sleep Squad, made up of our favourite sleep ambassadors, all know a thing or two about the benefits of getting a solid eight hours. From phones, to relaxation, to just being kind to yourself, they have a lot to say on the topic of catching some good quality zzz. The Squad recently shared their top tips to help you nod off and get the best out of your sleep time – check them out below.  

Melissa LeongMelissa Leong

“We’re all pretty smart when it comes to what we shouldn’t be doing before bed. We know things like doom scrolling or Instagram are not great, but I also think it’s just as problematic to expect to be a sleep genius immediately. Be kind to yourself and try one new thing at a time to help you sleep a little bit better.” 

- Melissa Leong

Brooke BlurtonBrooke Blurton

“Turn off your phone before you even get into bed, so your mind can switch off from the scroll. That way, you won’t be tempted to check it once you’re between the sheets and can focus on the real reason you came to bed – sleep!”   

- Brooke Blurton

Harry GarsideHarry Garside

“Sleep is the most important thing for anyone who wants to be a high performer. Our society believes that constant grinding and hustling is success, but I think it’s the complete opposite - sleep is so important for your mental health and wellbeing. So, put your phone down, make sure you’re not doing strenuous things late in the day, and prioritise your sleep.”

- Harry Garside

Flex MamiFlex Mami

“Treat your bedroom like a bedroom! Not your office, not your playroom, not your place to relax. It’s to sleep. This means everything in it must be conducive to a perfect sleep. And stop scrolling!”

- Flex Mami

Jimmy ReesJimmy Rees

“My advice? Just do it – GO THE *SWISSE* TO SLEEP.” 

- Jimmy Rees

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