Healthy sandwich filling ideas for kids

13 Tasty Sandwich Filling Ideas For Kids

Written by: Swisse Wellness
Swisse Wellness

Sandwich filling ideas to start the school year right


Stuck for ideas on how to keep sandwiches exciting (and getting eaten!) in a school lunchbox? Our Swisse Dietitian gives us her 13 best tasty and nutritious ideas for sandwich fillings in school lunchboxes.

  1. Chicken, avocado, tzatiki and lettuce
  2. Chicken and coleslaw
  3. Chicken, carrot and spinach leaves – Banh Mi style
  4. Cheese, tomato, cucumber
  5. Chicken schnitzel strips, lettuce and hummus
  6. Roast beef, lettuce, cheese, carrot
  7. Carrot, sultanas and cheese
  8. Roast beef, beetroot, spinach leaves and hummus
  9. Tuna, grated cheese, carrot, lettuce and mayonnaise
  10. Tuna, corn, cucumber and ricotta cheese
  11. Marinated tofu, butter lettuce and tomato
  12. Hummus, carrot and sultanas
  13. Egg, cos lettuce and avocado on rye.

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