Past and current scientific alliances with renowned institutions.


Past and Current Research-Based Alliances


Our partnerships are diverse and each collaboration is unique, but they are all conducted to innovate and make the world a healthier and happier place. For years, Swisse has formed strategic partnerships to make the most of the fantastic scientific minds inside Swisse and within other organisations.


We aim to publish results of trials conducted using Swisse products in peer-reviewed journals and contribute to the broad dissemination of scientific information and allow for informed, evidence-based practice. 



CSIRO is Australia's national science agency with the core objective of positively impacting people's lives through science and research. Everything CSIRO does is focused on creating measurable economic, environmental, and social benefits that better our world and Australia's place in it.

This strategic alliance allows the two organisations to collaborate on a number of translational research projects and to lead innovation in the complementary medicine industry, including research into novel ingredients and formulations. In addition, the relationship with CSIRO forms part of Swisse's long-term strategic science program, including research projects with other local and global institutes in advanced manufacturing.



Swinburne's Centre for Human Psychopharmacology is the largest group in the world researching the cognitive and mood effects of natural products, nutritional supplements, and other nutritional interventions.

They conduct government and industry-funded trials, as well as investigator-initiated studies. For example, Swinburne University conducted what is believed to be the first clinical trial to examine the subjective experience of taking a multivitamin and used Swisse Ultivite multivitamins.



Fight Food Waste CRC

Swisse's relationship with the Fight Food Waste CRC focuses on undertaking high-quality product development in sustainability of the Australian food industry.


Other Alliances:

  • Monash Alfred Psychiatry research centre
  • Monash Children's Hospital
  • Victoria University
  • Pecking University
  • LaTrobe University

We know the journey to scientific validation and discovery is a collaborative one. If you align with Swisse's research values and would like to partner with us, contact us.