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The Pyeongchang Sessions: Scotty James

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Written by Olivia O'Donahoo

Melbourne-born, 23-year-old Scotty James is undoubtedly one of the top snowboarders in the world. With two FIS World Championships and one X Games World Title under his belt, he is absolutely dominating the Men’s circuit.

James is already a two-time Olympian; his first appearance came in 2010 at the Vancouver Olympic Games. He was just 15 years old and became the youngest Aussie competitor at a Winter Olympic Games in over 50 years. Fast forward four years to Sochi, and now on to PyeongChang, he is focused on winning a snowboarding gold medal at his third Winter Olympic Games.

We sat down with the Snowboard Halfpipe King to ask him 10 quick questions, uncovering the cheeky and charismatic personality which makes him such a popular rider on the international circuit.

Your biggest screw up in the kitchen?

Putting too much in the vita mix and forgetting to put the lid on.

If you were a DJ, what would your DJ name be?

Scottsa DJ

What always sounds like a good idea at the time but rarely is?

Going camping in the snow…always far colder than expected.

Snowboarder Scotty James

What do you wish people would stop asking you?

Aren’t you too tall to be a snowboarder?

Favourite TV show?

Black Mirror or Game of Thrones.

What do you wish you had more time for?

Aviation. Flying is a passion of mine!

Best ice cream topping?

Caramel or Nutella.

What have you recently become obsessed with?

Playing basketball.

What weird childhood fear do you still hold on to?

Trying to find a toilet when I’m on the mountain and there isn’t one for another three chairlifts.

What’s the biggest lesson life has taught you?

Always be yourself and believe your aspirations.

Catch Scotty on the slopes in PyeongChang, where he will be competing in the men’s halfpipe event.

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