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Michael Da Gama Pinto Named 2015 CFO of the Year

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Written by Swisse Wellness

Last night, Swisse Wellness CFO Michael Da Gama Pinto was named “ CFO of the Year” at the prestigious 2015 CEO Magazine Executive Awards.

Michael Da Gama Pinto joined the Swisse Wellness business in 2013 as Chief Financial Officer. During his time at Swisse he has helped lead the business to deliver accelerated growth with sustainable financial performance.

“It has been a huge year of transformative growth for Swisse, where we maintained financial discipline to convert opportunities into cash and maintained impressive people outcome to regain control of the company’s future."

“This award is recognition of the hard work my fellow peers and team have done to ensure we are in the strong and sustainable position we are today, and I am extremely honoured to be named CFO of the Year,” says Michael.

In the last 12 months Swisse has significantly outperformed its business objectives including grown revenue by over 90%, improved EBITDA margins by 4x and transitioned the business from a highly leveraged position to a net cash position.

Throughout this period the Swisse team has strengthened its unique and entrepreneurial culture including high team engagement scores.

In September this year, Swisse Wellness completed a landmark transaction with Honk Kong Stock Exchange listed company Biostime- one of the leading premium infant formula, baby food and baby care producers in Asia.

In Biostime, Swisse recognised a business that shares many of the same core values that are fundamental to its success. Under Biostime’s majority ownership of Swisse, Swisse will have access to new capital and capability, enabling it to take advantage of multiple growth opportunities, both in Australia and internationally, and be successful in its mission to becoming the leading global wellness brand.