Josh Kennedy on all Things Training, Motivation and Cheat Days

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Written by Swisse Wellness

Tell us about your morning routine.

Every morning I wake up and jump straight in to a cold shower, smash a large glass of water and from then on I take the rest of the day as it comes.

How do you motivate yourself to get up for those wet winter morning training sessions?

Fortunately up in Sydney we don’t get too many wet winter mornings but if we did I wouldn’t give it too much thought, I’d just get it done.

What does a typical day of training involve?

A typical day in a lead up to a game involves an early meeting followed by training preparation and warm up before a two hour session out on the track. I find it’s really important to recover over lunch to get ready for a light weights session in the arvo. In between there would usually be plenty of massages to get ready for the game.

How do you like to recover after a tough training session?

I love to get down to the beach after a training session and go for a swim. I usually head to Bondi as that’s where I live, however there are so many great spots to check out in Sydney.

Describe your ideal cheat meal

That’s a tough one. Depending on how I’m feeling it might be a big Italian feast or a full rack of BBQ pork ribs followed by a quality desert.

Josh Kennedy playing AFL

What advice would you give young guys who dream of following in your footsteps?

I would say that it’s a fine line between sacrifices along the way when you’re growing up, combined with keeping a balanced life. Inevitably it will come down to how much you are willing to put in. One thing I think is vitally important is a willingness to improve and to not only seek but implement feedback from coaches and mentors along the way.

Is there a particular sports person you admire most or who motivates you?

There are so many sports people that I admire but the one that stands out is probably Roger Federer for his outstanding ability and all round class on and off the court.

What would we find in your training bag/locker?

Boots, socks, shorts and mouth guard… that’s my checklist before every game. As well as a pair of long tights to train in and a spare towel and shorts to hit the beach after training.

Why did you become a wellness ambassador for Swisse?

Swisse are a great company with exceptional values. Not only do they make awesome products, but they’re passionate about the people involved. I count myself very lucky to be part of the team.

How do you like to relax and wind down when you’re not training?

The easiest way is to spend time with my wife Ana and Son Emilio and I love getting down to the beach to go for a surf or a swim and playing a bit of golf with the boys. Otherwise I like to develop my off field pursuits through study and work experience.