Everything You Need To Know About A Multivitamin Gummy

Everything You Need To Know About A Multivitamin Gummy

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Your body is like a well-oiled machine. It needs the right vitamins, minerals and nutrients to function efficiently. That’s where a daily multivitamin may come in handy.

Not a fan of capsules and tablets? Or maybe you don’t have time to add a scoop of oral powder to your morning glass of water. The alternative? A multivitamin gummy.

Gummies aren’t just convenient and delicious; they’ve also been formulated to target a range of health concerns such as supporting healthy, glowing skin with Vitamin C to helping energy production with B vitamins. There are plenty of gummy vitamins to choose from1, keep reading to get the lowdown on multivitamin gummies.

What are gummies?

Instead of being in capsule or powder form, gummy vitamins are chewable and  have a jelly-like texture bursting with flavour2. Gummies often contain the same vitamins, minerals and nutrients as other forms of supplements. These chewable supplements come in a variety of delicious flavours and are often formulated to support a range of health needs.

The great thing about gummies3 is that they combine functionality with fun. Formulated with a blend of nutrients, Swisse Ultivite Multivitamin gummies can maintain energy production with the inclusion of B vitamins, support immune system health with Vitamin C, help prevent dietary Vitamin D deficiency, and support a healthy stress response in the body with Vitamin B5. There’s also a whole collection of gummy supplements that have been specifically crafted to target a number of health concerns. From Swisse Ultiboost B+ Energy Gummies to support energy production and vitality with Vitamin B6 to Swisse Beauty Hair Skin Nails gummies which contain Biotin to support strong nail and healthy hair and vitamin C to support healthy skin there’s likely to be a gummy to suit your goals.

Are gummy vitamins good for you?

Like other forms of supplements, health gummies can be a great way to support levels of vitamins and minerals like zinc, vitamin D, B vitamins in the body, providing those additional minerals and vitamins that you may not be getting through your food alone.

It’s important to remember, a gummy supplement isn’t a substitute for a healthy, balanced diet. It’s still essential to make sure you’re getting plenty of grains, vegetables, dairy, lean meats and fruits to get most of your vitamins and minerals1.

Are vitamin gummies effective like other supplements?

Vitamin gummies are just as beneficial as other supplements. They can be used to support your general health and wellbeing or offer tailored options for more specific health needs.

Gummy vitamins can have a point of difference due to their palatability. They can often be easier and more convenient to take and are great for those who struggle to take powders or capsules.

However, it’s worth noting that the benefits of vitamin gummies, and other forms of supplements, can be dependent on the correct usage. That means following the instructions on the bottle and making sure you take them when you should be.

Are gummy or chewable vitamins better?

The answer to whether gummy or chewable vitamins are better will depend on your personal preference. Both of these types of supplements contain the similar ingredients, the main difference is in the formula base/matrix and how they are produced/manufactured.

Many people find gummies to be a great alternative to traditional supplements. Gummy vitamins are known for being easier to take, with a soft and chewy texture. Gummy vitamins can also have a better taste, depending on the type.

How to take multivitamin gummies

When it comes to taking multivitamin gummies, it’s recommended that you take them consistently, either during or immediately after a meal as directed by a healthcare professional.

Establish a routine for taking your gummies, so that you get into the habit of regularly taking them. It’s always best to read the label and follow the directions for use.

Think gummies could be for you? Check out our collection of Gummies to find a supplement that suits your health needs. Or for more information on nutrition, ingredients, beauty and more, head to our Wellness Hub.

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.


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