Wired but feeling tired

Olivia O'Donahoo (Admin)
September 3, 2018

Women are often juggling many roles in life and, along with all these responsibilities, feelings of fatigue and exhaustion are very common. Learn how to gain and channel energy rather than drain it…



What does “relax” mean to you? To be calm? Unwind? Loosen up? Chill out? Slow down? Relaxation can help increase your sense of calm and help reduce stress. It is important in your busy life to make time for yourself and relax. Different techniques work for different people and can include anything from deep breathing, laughter, positive thinking, visualisation, meditation and mindfulness.

Practicing relaxation daily, can:

How to relax

Don’t be engulfed in the everyday rush of life and take time out to nourish yourself mentally. Try some of the ideas below and find out what works best for you.

Meditation and mindfulness is about being in the present moment and not worrying about the past or future – calm yourself and focus your energy into this moment in time. There are all different types of mindfulness meditation, try downloading an app and practice listening along.


Mindful appreciation and positive thinking: Often we spend so much time aspiring to bigger and better things, we miss the great things we already have. Affirmations are positive statements you make to yourself, which can help counter negative thoughts. They need to be present tense, personal and specific e.g. I can do this, I have a great life, I am valuable.

Laughter: Get your giggle on ladies! One of the best feelings in the world is the belly laugh. When you laugh, your body produces chemicals that help with stress adaptation.


Hobbies & pleasure: Hobbies open your mind up to life’s possibilities. If you are having a rough day, hobbies are more than merely a distraction. They remind us that there are many facets to our own sense of self  and open up our minds to life’s possibilities. You’re might be friend, mum and employee, but you can also be an athlete, performer or artist.