Wellness tips from the WAGs

September 26, 2016

Behind every AFL player is an accomplished woman, or so it seems by looking at the WAGs that grace the Brownlow Awards red carpet every year.

They run their own businesses, raise children, help charities and they glide into events with glowy skin and designer gowns. Where can we get some of that elixir, we hear you ask? Here is our fav WAG’s best advice for a balanced, healthy life sourced from the interwebs….



Find an exercise you love

“This can be the hardest thing to work out, but once you do, you feel like you have won the lotto. There are so many things to consider when finding an exercise that works for you; you need to consider your lifestyle and schedule. It’s easy to say you want to spend two hours at the gym, but a lot of us don’t have two hours a day to do this, especially if you have children or it’s not financially feasible. It could be better for you to do a workout for 20 minutes at home, than stressing about going to the gym.”
Nadia Bartel (Partner of Jimmy Bartel, Geelong)

Source: @nadiabartel 

Do what’s right for you

“I love trends and will embrace them a little bit, but I always go back to what suits my body shape. For example, just because thin straps, cut-outs and backless numbers are in fashion, doesn’t mean I will wear those pieces.”
Emma Clapham (partner of Tom Hawkins, Geelong)

Source: @emmahawkins_


Watch your portion size

“When a larger serving is put in front of us, we are more likely to overeat. The same goes with takeaway/packaged foods, the larger container/packet of food the greater chance you will eat more. Try to eat healthy foods, most of the time. Eat whole foods, less processed, lots of plant based. Don’t over eat. Moderate alcohol. Water, drink it!”
Alex Pendlebury (partner of Scott Pendlebury, Collingwood)

Source: @AlexPendlebury

Workout in the morning

“With fitness and exercise, your self-regulation is at its highest in the morning. As we go through the day our self-regulation lowers, which gives reason for the 3pm snacking, the ‘pick me up’ or the excuses for not exercising at the end of the day. So if you are looking to create habits that support you to work with your body’s natural rhythm, prioritise the challenging tasks for the morning and support yourself in the afternoon. Plan your day to maximise your self-regulation and your habits will become easier and more sustainable.”
Lyndall Mitchell (Partner of Sam Mitchell, Hawthorn)

Source:  @lyndallmitchell

Be grateful

“Be grateful for every meal, every step, every breath. Not everyone is so lucky. Everyone's problems are relative to them but don’t sweat the small stuff. I am incredibly guilty of doing just that. Smile at a stranger today, give up your coffee money to someone in need, adopt a pet from a shelter or drop a blanket to the salvos. Can you imagine the difference it would make if all of us did just one of those things?”
Rebecca Panozza (partner of Travis Cloke, Collingwood)

Source:  @beccypanozza