Everything hair, nails and skin with Brooke Hogan

Victoria Hanlon - Swisse Author
October 2, 2017

What’s your secret for keeping your hair looking so healthy and shiny?

It’s a combination of many things. I am very careful with my hair and try to minimise how often I apply heat. I use a hair treatment three times a week, I get a trim around every six weeks, I use a product called Olaplex once a week and I take Swisse Ultiboost Hair Skin Nails+ every day!


You lead a really busy lifestyle! How do you protect your hair from the effects of things like flying, sun exposure and styling?

I’m very pedantic with the above! With my job, I always have heat applied to my hair for styling so I always make sure I use a good heat protectant. When I am on holidays, I lather it with coconut oil and put it in a bun. When I am in the sun and relaxing, it means a holiday for my hair too, it’s nice to give it a break!


What is your favourite glamourous hairstyle and what is your go-to casual look?

I really love a messy/loose wave with a middle part. This is my go-to hair style no matter the occasion. If I am going out I tend to flip it to the side to create a more ‘done’ look. If I have the day off and I am running around I often chuck it up in a messy bun so it’s out of the way!


Have you had any hair disasters?

Ohhhh yeah! I’ve had two. The worst one was when I was about 16 years old and my best friend and I thought it would be a great idea to buy bleach from the chemist so we could do our own foils. We obviously had no idea what we were doing. We used super strong bleach, left it on for WAY to long and let’s just say I ended up with very brittle, broken and fluro orange hair! My mum was mortified and I think it took a good year for my hair to recover. Safe to say, I learnt my lesson.


Now on to nails - how do you keep them looking so healthy and strong?

With my job, I have to make sure my nails are always tidy. I try to take really good care of my nails and get regular manicures/pedicures. My Swisse Ultiboost Hair Skin Nails+ helps to keep them healthy.


Do you get regular manicures? What’s your favourite nail style?

Yes, haha! I always get the same thing. I always have plain nude shellac. I get shellac on both my fingers and toes, but makes sure I give my finger nails a break every eight weeks or so!


Finally, how do you look after your skin and keep it looking so clear and fresh?

I am very diligent with my skincare routine. I cleanse and moisturise every single morning and night. When I fly, I wash and moisturise my face many times throughout the flight. Flying tends to make me break out, which can be quite annoying! I drink loads of water, eat a balanced diet and I get regular facials when I am home.

My skin on my body gets quite dry from flying as well so I have to lather on the moisturiser when I am home. I am one of those people that doesn’t like the feeling of moisturiser on my body so if I am using one, it needs to be VERY hydrating so I don’t have to apply it a million times! I use the Swisse Argan Body Cream, it is amazing!