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Tara Ali
October 5, 2016

There used to be a time when your GP was the fountain of all health knowledge. It sounds so quaint now that we can access naturopaths via skype, read wellness blogs on the bus and scroll health news on Twitter 24/7.

Technology has helped us become more clued up about wellness than ever before, and with that the parameters of health are expanding faster than social media can keep up with. And that’s a good thing. When once being healthy meant simply ‘the absence of disease,’ we now know there’s an entire health universe beyond this, one where optimal, not basic, wellness is thriving.



Optimum health – what is it?

Optimal health and wellness is a balance of five areas of your life: emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual and social health. As well as body care, “It relies on the relationships we have with others, the environment we live in, and our beliefs about ourselves,” says Nat Kringoudis, acupuncturist, fertility expert and founder of Melbourne women’s health clinic, The Pagoda Tree.

You may not have considered that your environment has an impact on your health before, but it makes sense. “Our environment affects us not just on a physical level but also emotional - if we are living in a cluttered, dirty home, it will absolutely affect our health and wellbeing, same too in a workplace with challenging colleagues.”

Nutrition, vitamins and supplements also play a key role in optimal wellness. “There are no two ways about it,” says Kringoudis. “We are learning more and more about the value of nutrition. You can’t put rubbish in your body and expect optimal results. Every single cell, system and function in our body relies on adequate nutrients.” So loading up on body loving green leafy vegetables, fish oil, b vitamins if you’re stressed and asking your GP to test for any common deficiencies such as iron and vitamin D and checking if you need a supplement all work towards optimising your health.

Nat Kringoudis
Nat Kringoudis, The Pagoda Tree.


Personalised health

This new paradigm is also about bespoke health. Buh-bye one-size-fits-all diets, wellness treatments and fitness routines, now it’s a collective - an effort of a team, says Kringoudis and that collective lies on what works for you and that will change from person to person. Think about that team of health experts in your life: your GP who you see for medical issues, your acupuncturist who fixes your shoulder pain, your yoga instructor who helps blow off stress, the health guru whose recipes you follow on Instagram – they can all help you reach peak wellness, and the person driving the project is you.


Keen to start?

Here are Nat Kringoudis’s 5 things you can do to boost your optimum wellness today:

1. Have a healthy mindset. Even when life is giving you crates of lemons, look for health. With your big and little decisions, ask ‘is this adding to my wellness or my sickness?’

2. Declutter – your car, your kitchen, your work space. A calm, organised environment helps you feel the same way.

3. Filter your water and don’t underestimate the power of proper hydration, drink lots. 4. Make more sleep a priority. Collectively we are deprived and it is slowly making us sick. We need sleep and rest.

5 . Sweat. Your lymphatic system relies on you moving about so it can massage out toxins. Do some exercise – even walking – every day.


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