Profile: Swisse Skincare Specialist Selina Mithen

Swisse Skincare Specialist Selina Mithen
October 7, 2016

A typical work day for me…

…involves developing the new products for our skin care range. A typical day for me would involve researching ingredients for new skin care products, looking at market trends and consumer insights, reviewing product formulation samples in development, working with marketing on new concepts for skin care, as well as assisting customer service, and PR with any information they may need regarding skin care.


I suffered from pretty severe acne as a teen…

…and I was always interested in understanding the causes of skin imbalance from a whole body perspective. I worked as a beauty therapist early in my career, and I became very interested in holistic health, which lead me to studying naturopathy. I always applied what I learned as a naturopath back to skin health, as well as being particularly interested in the impact of stress and gut health on our overall wellbeing and propensity for illness.

I specialise in integrative dermatology…

…which is understanding that the health of the skin is a reflection of your overall health. Which means that to improve skin conditions such as eczema, acne or rosacea for example, the approach encompasses many factors including the way you manage stress, diet and gut health, supplementing with correct nutritional and herbal medicines and also applying the correct ingredients topically, to get the best results.


Growing up, I wanted to be…

…a writer. I would write and illustrate little stories, then staple them together and make covers like a real book and write “written by” etc. just for extra authenticity, and give them to my family.


My health philosophy…

…is balance. It’s really important to maintain a level head about health. I don’t believe in doing things to extremes because I believe it will cause an imbalance in you energetically at some point.


I’m so obsessed with the skin

…I actually find it an incredible fascinating organ! The more I learn about the capacity of our skin to react to the body’s internal and external environment, the more I’m impressed with its complexity. I love working on the Swisse Skin Care range because it gives me the opportunity to work with ingredients in skin care that can impact the skin physiology in a positive way.


My no.1 secret for fresh glowing skin? 

Keep it hydrated and wear SPF protection daily.


Swisse, the secret to inner and outer beauty #Swissebodybeautiful


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