Does your skin need a detox?

Tara Ali
October 21, 2016

If your skin could speak, would it ask for a juice cleanse and a few sessions in the sauna to feel better?

OK that’s a tiny bit creepy, but get this – your skin has identical enzymes to your liver, and assists your body in clearing out toxins such as pollutants and medications via sweat and sebum. Pretty cool, right?

So if you think of your skin as another asset to filter out junk, it’s your job to make sure that filter is as clean and unclogged as possible.


Hit refresh on your skin

Some things that can stop your skin’s filtering abilities from working as well as they should: a lack of oil flow, excessive dryness, using highly occlusive products on the skin such as petrolatum or paraffin, and even applying too much make up and not cleansing it off every day.

“The skin’s detoxification process needs to be regularly stimulated,” says Swisse Skincare Specialist, Selina Mithen. So if you’ve ever scrimped on your skincare steps because you’re too busy, that’s probably why your skin starts to look dull and may breakout. So here's what to do to make sure you giving your skin the best chance to do its job.


Your 5-step skin detox plan

1. Up your cleansing game. We’re talking using a wash off, cream or oil cleanser and spending at least 60 seconds thoroughly massaging it into your skin, like they do when you get a facial.

“Proper cleansing of your skin is important so that residual make-up left on the skin overnight does not accumulate in skin pores and cause blockage or interference of healthy sweat and sebum output,” says Mithen. Using a cleansing brush can also help with clearing toxins.


2. Look for ingredients in your skin care products that can help with long-term stimulation of the skins detoxification pathways, such as plant flavonoids like broccoli extract, knotgrass, green tea and fruit extracts.


3. Reason #284 to wear sunscreen daily: UV exposure reduces the production of detoxification enzymes in the skin, says Mithen, so it’s important to keep your skin adequately protected from UV damage by wearing a daily SPF.


4. Moisturise, with a gentle product. “Healthy oil flow in the skin is also important, so make sure that the skin is adequately hydrated, and that you don’t use products that strip the oil from your skin,” says Mithen.


5. Go natural. “Use skin care products that use natural or naturally derived, non-toxic ingredients so you aren’t adding to the “toxin load” your body already has to deal with,” says Mithen.


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