Tara Milk Tea shares her healthy travel essentials

Siobhan Wend
November 15, 2016

If you haven’t stumbled across Tara Milk Tea researching your next getaway then you’ve been looking in all the wrong places. She’s the Instagrammer we all want share a plane armrest or a picnic with. But behind the rainbow fairy floss, this traveller makes health a number 1 priority.


International flights ain’t no thing for this Sydney-siders health and beauty rituals. In the Swisse Body Beautiful series, Tara shares how she does beauty both inside and out – no matter how long the flight.


You’ve certainly got the travel bug, how often do you travel?

I’m away from home for about half of the year travelling around the world. I’ve taken over 50 flights so far this year which can get pretty tiring, but it’s definitely worth it and easier with a healthy routine!


Fifty flights this year! Tell us about the most memorable…

India was the last place I visited and was one of the best trips I’ve been on this year. We visited the Golden Triangle, which is New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Like all new places I visit, I love seeing the people and culture. India is such a unique and beautiful place.


How can we look look and feel our best on and off the plane?

I care a lot about what I pack for the flight. Especially long haul. I’m always prepared with my skincare and always have a change of clothes to stay fresh. My number one commandment for staying healthy while travelling is to keep hydrated throughout the flight. Beyond water, I’m a big fan of the Swisse Deep Sea Hydrating Mist Toner to keep my skin refreshed. All up fresh clothes, natural skincare and plenty of water will have you looking like a superstar while you travel.


What beauty essentials won’t you leave home without?

Lippy for retouching, Swisse Rose Hip Hand Cream, a big water bottle, Swisse Inner Balance Probiotic 35 billion and some healthy snacks for on-the-go. Beauty for me shows from the inside out, so maintaining good health and hydration are my beauty essentials.


What does being body beautiful mean to you?

I’m all about focusing on my inner health. That involves eating right, by keeping a balanced diet and also exercising as often as I can.


Your mum is Singaporean. What are the best holiday traditions you practice?

We celebrate Chinese New Year. I love how the family comes together during this time, but we also go all out for all traditions like Christmas and Easter as well so I’m very lucky.


What’s your secret to inner and outer beauty?

Self-love! I think it’s really easy to forget to care for yourself, especially with how hectic life can get. I’ve come to realise that looking after myself affects all other aspects of my life. When I care for myself, I can be the best version of me, not only for myself, but also for everyone around me.