Steph Claire Smith’s best beauty tricks and tips

Melissa Shedden
November 16, 2016

If you’re on Instagram you’ve no doubt come across a snap of Aussie beach body Steph Claire Smith (and double tapped that).

She’s the model, home cook behind e-book Keep if Clean and owner of pooch, Ari (plus one super fit body). Turns out, she’s a source of wellness inspiration, too. In the Swisse Body Beautiful series, Steph shares how she does beauty both inside and out.



What’s your biggest health challenge you have to work at?

Bored eating. I am TERRIBLE. If I’m home alone and don’t leave the house all day, I just don’t stop snacking. Luckily, I am very rarely home all day with nothing to do. It’s always healthy food though, but it’s still a challenge for me.


Talking food, can you share your favourite recipe from your cookbook?

The Clean Choc Chip Cookies are definitely my favourite from the e-book and our website. I’d 100% have to say that the Radical Rocky Road is the most commonly made recipe in my kitchen.


What would the people who are closest to you say, is the most beautiful thing about you?

Probably that I have stayed true to myself. Honestly, I think other than being more mature and knowing more about the world, I would barely have changed since I was 10! I have an amazing family and awesome friends who keep me grounded.



What does being body beautiful mean to you?

It means loving yourself from the inside out. Beauty always comes within, and that’s not just about health or what you eat, it’s about who you are as a person, too. There’s nothing better than a beautiful personality that shines though somebody and truly makes them beautiful.



Do you ever suffer from comparison issues?

I sure do. I think everyone does. It’s hard to not fall into that sometimes. I just try my best to focus most on what I love about myself and not what I dislike.


Finish this sentence. Exercise to me is….

A part of my routine. I get moody and feel so uneasy without it.


What’s your workout secret?

I train almost every day so I take the Ultiboost Magnesium tablets every night to help support my muscle function, heart health and energy. I also make sure I take the time each day to unwind with a power walk, it’s important to combine high intensity workouts with low impact exercise.



What’s the best health tip our Swisse Naturopath taught you?

I am on the contraceptive pill and it can make me quite moody. The Naturopath has got me onto Omega 6 fatty acids, like GLA which is found in Evening Primrose Oil, that help with inflammation and give me the support I need when I’m premenstrual.