Staying fit in your 30s and beyond

Siobhan Wend
November 23, 2016

You don’t have to be in your 20s to be muscular, lean and strong. Feel great in your third, fourth, heck, even fifth decade and beyond.

Bodyweight exercise pro Tim Robards (@mrtimrobards) reckons what you do pre-workout is as important as during and post. Seen him manoeuvre his way around a set of monkey bars? We’re not arguing. He shares his workout advice for men with Pure Warrior.


What is your best fitness advice for men 30+?

Set big goals but start with small steps. Health and fitness does not have to be all or nothing. It's doesn't have to be seven sessions a week and a no carbs diet. If you do this, you will just keep delaying beginning a program. Start with small steps that will help get you to your big goals.


What do you swear by for a pre-workout to perform at your best?

I like a mixture of arginine, beta alanine, a little caffeine, and some creatine. Pure WarriorTM Powered by Swisse Pre Workout packs it all in. If I’m on the run, some water, a banana and sometimes a shot of espresso.


If you had 20 minutes for a super quick workout what would it be?

Definitely a TRM session from The Robards Method. You can smash almost every muscle in your body with minimal equipment.


What is the most common but powerful advice you give as a chiropractor?

Apart from finding the cause of your issues, not just treating symptoms, I would also say if you have to sit for extended periods of time, learn to do it right! Saddle chairs are great or at least learn to adapt your chair to become your saddle. Your knees should be lower than your hip height as to encourage you to sit on your sit bones. Your upper back and neck will love you for this.


What can we expect from The Robards Method in 2017?

We are building communities around the world of supportive training networks so you're never without a training partner. We are creating a social network of fitness and health conscious people to support each other without the ego that can be present in some gyms.