Instant Expert: What is it? Bilberry

Melissa Shedden
November 9, 2016

There’s another small dark blue edible berry on the block – the bilberry. No, that’s not a typo – blueberries’ cousin is a plant that produces benefit-packed fruit, too.


Top of that long list of benefits is supporting eye health. Sure, the health of your eyes might not be something you’ve considered before, but science is beginning to show blue light contributes to digital eye strain. Squinty face.

Although more research is needed to determine how much natural and man-made blue light is "too much blue light" for the retina, many eye care professionals are concerned blue light exposure from your computer screen, smartphone and other digital devices may impact the health of your eyes later in life. Makes your Instagram addiction seem that bit worse!

This inky blue fruit then, is a sight for sore eyes.


Here’s everything you need to know about the berry:

  • Bilberry is a source of antioxidants, those powerhouses that help protect cells against free radical damage.
  • It’s got more names than Prince – also going by European blueberry, whortleberry, huckleberry and blaeberry.
  • Strained vision from work or study? Exposed to pollution and UV? It’s recommended to you. Why? Your eyes are susceptible to oxidative stress, which the antioxidants in bilberry just may help protect against.
  • It’s related to the blueberry and cranberry.
  • You can get it in fresh, frozen, dried, powder, liquid or supplement form.