How Dan Adair shed 5kg of holiday weight

Melissa Shedden
November 23, 2016

Your post holiday diet doesn’t have to be only salads. Bounce back after a holiday binge with celebrity PT Dan Adair’s tips. 


You said you put on 5kg when visiting the States earlier this year – tell us how? 

Very easily! LA I find is an amazing place to train and eat healthy. It's New York that you have to watch out for. The pizza and burgers got me. When I'm home in Sydney in routine I eat great and train very consistently. So this trip I just decided to completely rest my body and eat whatever I wanted. I knew it would be hard work when I came home but I was fine with that.


What did you do to shift the weight?

I adjusted my diet that I was on before my trip. I cut my proteins down and upped my carbs. I also added more circuit based weight sessions and interval weight training days. This type of training will help increase your metabolic rate which is the rate that your body burn calories.


Was it salads only and back-to-back sessions as soon as you came back?

I actually never eat salad! I prefer vegetables. Much more filling and nutrient dense. The amount of sweet potato I eat is insane. When I'm REALLY chasing a goal, I train between 7-10 times per week.


If someone has those last few kilos to lose, what are your tips?

Get your diet on point. I know myself, I train 7-10 times a week, and if my diet is off, I put on weight. Don't be scared to seek professional advice on a diet plan. What you think you're eating maybe healthy and maintain your weight, but might not be the formula to help you lose those last few kilos.

In regards to training, add some interval weight training 2-3 times into your weekly routine.


When should you expect to see results? 

A kilogram a week is a good healthy rate, but this depends on how much you have to lose of course.


What do you wish people would avoid when trying to shed the KGs?

I've seen it too many times before. People training their butts off without having their diet right. Yes, you'll get fitter, yes you'll get stronger, but if fat loss is your number one goal, diet is key.