5 mindful mantras Ash Hart lives by daily

Siobhan Wend
November 28, 2016

Sure, she’s sunshine to look at but Ash Hart is more than a pretty face. This yogi is an advocate for holistic health and more importantly – she actually practices what she preaches – which means you can, too.


In our Swisse Body Beautiful series, Ash shares he simple mindful mantras to max your mind and body all year round.


Mantra: Stop, drop and meditate

As my hubby and I call it – ha! I always meditate twice daily, making it a priority. It doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing, when it comes to meditation o’clock, I’ll stop, drop and med! I know by now the profound benefits it has on all aspects of my life. When I’m busy, I’ll even meditate in the car between appointments. If I’m lucky, I’ll find a nice tree on the side walk! My favourite beach is on the way out to Malibu, I find a little different spot each time, but anywhere between Santa Monica and Malibu is magic for meditating.


Mantra: Wherever you are, be all there

I practice mindfulness, gratitude and meditation daily to keep my mind and body grounded in the present. Practicing gratitude can be something as small as thinking of three things I’m thankful for daily. I also find that when I come out of a meditation I feel more peaceful, present, mindful and as a result, way more productive.


Mantra: Fuel your body with all things good

When life gets busy always make the time to refuel on all things good. I always make time for breakfast even if it’s a smoothie on-the-go. In times where I’m racing from shoot to shoot, I supplement my diet by taking Swisse Women’s Ultivite and I always make sure I have Swisse Stress Relief, a bottle of water and handful of nuts in my handbag ready to go. When you make your mind and body health a priority, the rewards are endless.


Mantra: Self-love is the best love

My secret to inner and outer beauty is self-love. This is limitless in depth and can only continue to expand, as we realise the self involves every aspect of ourselves and essentially everyone. I believe when we are in a state of love, everything organises itself perfectly - things fall beautifully into place. Personally, I feel most beautiful when this inner acceptance and self-love, is reflected externally as a peaceful radiance.


Mantra: Life is learning

I regularly attend a weekly study group in LA called A Course In Miracles. Sometimes this is with Marianne Williamson or a smaller, private group. I always look forward to it and it keeps my conscious awareness on track. It’s important to always keep growing, learning and loving in life and I recommend finding a course or class that makes your heart sing regularly.