24 hours with Steph Claire Smith

Melissa Shedden
November 16, 2016

5:00am Josh’s alarm goes off as he has training at 5:30am. If I’m working, I get up and go with him. If not, I roll back over and go to training at 7am instead. Once home, I have my morning shower and prep my skin for the day, mainly moisturising and tanning. When I’m in the bathroom prepping my skin I also take my vitamins – magnesium everyday for muscle support and a Hair Skin Nails supplement. It’s important to look after yourself from the inside too, not just the outside. I chuck fresh activewear back on if I’m having a day off - I am most comfortable in it, and if I’m already wearing it then, I’m more likely to go for a walk in the afternoon.



8:00am BREAKFAST TIME! Most important meal of the day. I am an absolute grump without it! I crave sweetness in the morning, so I opt for an Acai bowl or a fruit smoothie. I don’t drink coffee (anymore) but still love caffeine, so a soy English Breakfast tea is my morning ‘coffee’. If I’m not modelling I’ll head to the couch and open up my computer and answer some emails whilst cuddling my dog, Ari. Otherwise, I’m off to attend some meetings, fittings or castings. And there’s always life admin.



12pm I am a sucker for meeting up with a girlfriend for lunch. Finding new cafes or heading back to some of my favourites and ordering a simple smashed avo on GF toast has to be one of my favourite things to do in life. Haha! Back from lunch, I’m back on the computer answering emails, writing up a blog post, checking on Keep It Cleaner, making a Youtube video or studying.


3:00pm I’m craving a snack and a sucker for fruit - chopped apple and peanut butter, or fresh watermelon.



4:30pm Josh comes home which means a cuddle on the couch and the “How was your day?” usual chat.


5:30pm Take Ari to the park. If Josh joins us, we play fetch, but if it’s just Ari and I, I’ll take him on a long power walk.



7:00pm Dinner is cooking. I LOVE cooking and do it every night unless we’re out. My favourite meals are classic roast chicken and veggies, steak and sweet potato chips, or a healthy stir fry. I always love playing around with different ingredients and methods, coming up with new recipes for our website.


8:30pm My nightly peppermint tea. It relaxes me and helps me digest my food, too. Most nights, Josh and I will chill on the couch with tea and dark chocolate and watch TV. We’re definitely not night owls during the week though, most nights we’re in bed by 9/9:30 and lights are out by 10.