Will Tomlinson’s tips on fuelling your body for a workout

May 23, 2018

Being a professional boxer meant it was always tough finding the right balance between fuelling my body with enough nutrients to train efficiently, but also being able to make weight. During my boxing career I worked with many different trainers, dietitians and nutritionists. Over the years I was able to combine all their invaluable information to customise a nutrition plan that worked for me.


What does a ‘day on the plate’ look like for you?

The key components of my diet include: high protein, low complex carbohydrates, low-moderate good fats, high fibre and A LOT of water (5 litres per day).

My general training day looks like this…

7 am: Coffee time… a long black with a splash of milk.

8 am: Breakfast consists of a protein smoothie. My go-to smoothie ingredients are: Pure Warrior 100% WPI protein, banana, mixed berries, frozen mango, oats, almond meal and almond milk.

9 am: My first training session consists of either a 1 hour boxing or HIIT circuit.

10 am: It’s important to fuel your body after a workout. I have another Pure Warrior Extreme Whey protein shake.

12.30 pm: It’s lunch time! I try to include 200 grams of lean protein, 100 grams of sweet potato or brown rice and as much salad or veggies as I want – oh and don’t forget another caffeine fix!

3 pm: Is when I indulge in an afternoon snack, typically a handful of mixed raw nuts.

4.30 pm: To combat my afternoon sugar craving, I try to have one piece of fruit.

5 pm: Time for my second training session with weights, generally a strength session.

6 pm: Don’t forget to fuel your body…another Pure Warrior Extreme Bulk protein shake.

7.30 pm: It’s dinner time. I generally eat the same meal at lunch but reduce the carbohydrates.

How has the importance of nutrition changed for you?

Throughout my boxing career, I have always had to follow a good nutrition plan. It is important to carefully manage your nutrition in order to perform at your best. Through trial and error over the years, I have been able to understand how my body changes and performs, based on the types of foods I eat and when I eat them.

How do you fuel your workout?


Whenever I am doing a high intensity workout, I always make sure I have adequate carbohydrates in my system ready to go! Carbohydrates are your body’s number one fuel source and so whenever I’m getting ready for a solid boxing or HIIT session, I always make sure the fuel is there, ready to burn. For any of my low intensity sessions (running or weights) I’m happy to do these a little carb-depleted, which gives my body a chance to break down and burn fat stores as the main fuel source.

How do you recover after a workout?

Within 30 minutes post exercise, I make sure I consume a meal of protein and carbs. This is when the gates are wide open for your body to absorb the required nutrients to aid recovery and to replenish your energy store for exercise session number two.

How important is hydration for you?

Hydration is key! It is my NUMBER 1! One thing I was very good at throughout my boxing career was to always stay hydrated! Performance, recovery, focus and mindset can all be strongly dependent on how hydrated you are. It is more than drinking water - it is ensuring you are replacing the electrolytes and minerals you lose when you sweat. Replenishing these stores can obviously be achieved through drinking water, however a lot of the foods we eat contain the water and the right minerals we need to stay hydrated.

What do you look for when choosing a protein product?


The number one thing I look for is TASTE! If you’re planning on using a protein supplement and using it properly (multiple times a day), then you want it to taste good! Secondly, I’m after a product which has a high protein per serve, low carbs and noartificial colours or flavours.

What is the most powerful nutritional advice you can give as an athlete?

The number one piece of advice I can give to anyone, and not just athletes, is to discover what works for you. Everybody is different. Everyone’s body absorbs and reacts differently to different nutrients. Find what works for you based on the specific results you’re after. A meeting with a sports nutritionist or dietitian can really help with this.  Lastly, stay strong and stick with it. Rome wasn’t built in a day!