Straight to the source: how Swisse source premium globe artichoke

Lucy Wearne
May 25, 2017

Globe artichoke is not only a delicious addition to any antipasto plate (yum). It also has a number of therapeutic natural health benefits, particularly when it comes to digestive health and liver function.

“Artichoke helps the liver to produce bile, which is something we all produce in order to break up fats in the body, so it can be very beneficial for anyone with digestive challenges like bloating or discomfort,” says Swisse Technical Manager of Innovation Antoinette-Louise Barnardo.


Swisse work with Naturex, one of the global leaders in plant botanicals, to source its globe artichoke from the stunning town of Lorca, Spain, where farmers have been growing artichokes for hundreds of years. Lorca provides the ultimate climate to grow artichoke, as they require a lot of sun and water to thrive - temperatures in the region during autumn and spring never get too hot or cold (when can we move there!?), resulting in a very high-quality artichoke.

Growing artichokes in Lorca is a labour of love, as it is one of the few ingredients still grown and harvested by hand with no machinery involved. Stems are planted in spring (September - May) and the crops are then flooded with water every two weeks. A high-quality, nutrient dense soil is key when growing artichokes, as it allows the root to grow very deep into the ground.

Once fully grown (around October), harvesting begins, where the artichoke is checked every five days and when farmers are satisfied they have reached the perfect size, they are cut by hand.

Globe artichoke sourced from Lorca can be found in Swisse Ultiboost Liver Detox and Swisse Ultiboost High Strength Globe Artichoke.

Swisse is committed to sourcing quality ingredients from all across the globe to ensure consumers are receiving a premium end product. Stay tuned for more ‘Straight to the Source’ stories on