Nutrition tips for building maximum muscle mass

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Making sure you have a good training program is essential, but eating the right foods at the right time can ensure you’re giving the body everything it needs to fuel optimal muscle gain.

To assist with building muscle mass, it is important to:

  • Consume more kilojoules than you expend. These extra kilojoules provide the body with the energy it needs to train optimally, which is essential to stimulate muscle growth. But remember, overeating can lead to an increase in body fat, so ensure you find the right balance.
  • Eat plenty of carbohydrates, as they provide the body with the energy it needs to fuel muscle gain. Without sufficient carbohydrate to fuel the exercise, the body will use protein and fat as its energy source, which means less protein for muscle growth.
  • It’s also important to consume carbohydrates soon after training, as they are needed to restore the glucose that has been used as energy by the working muscles.
  • Consume both protein and carbohydrate 2 hours before training and within 30 minutes post training.
  • You may need to add extra snacks and meals to your day, which helps increase your kilojoule intake. A protein powder can be useful to help add extra protein and kilojoules to your daily intake.
  • Training with some amino acids in the blood stream will also assist with muscle growth.