Inside Camp Caloundra

June 7, 2016

Any rugby union fan would give their Golden Thread for a privileged peak at the training camp, held on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

Ahead of the three-match Cook Cup series against England which gets underway at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane on Saturday, June 11, Swisse naturopath Daniel Ostwald went behind Wallaby lines to offer his health optimising advice. Here’s what he found out…


Tell us about the team that creates a Wallaby…

The team is made up of currently 32 players and roughly 20 support staff including head coach and assistant coach, strength and conditioning trainers, and media advisors, etc.


What is the routine at Camp Caloundra like?

The routine is all set out for the players by management staff and is quite a heavy schedule of training and game preparation as well as media, sponsor and fan commitments.


What’s the preparation like ahead of a series?

The two-week preparation before their first game consists of heavy training sessions followed by rest and recovery sessions. The playing squad will be reduced further next week leading into the England game.


What are the biggest health challenges players face and the solutions?

Sick days. It was interesting to hear from Wallabies captain Steven Moore that more days are lost at training and game time due to players falling sick rather than injury. The team nutritionist also said they are looking at trialing different health supplements this season to prevent sickness such as Swisse Ultiboost Zinc+ and Swisse Ultiboost Immune.


What products and pointers did you share with the players?

Magnesium: For the associated muscle recovery and sleep benefits.

Co Enzyme Q10: For energy production and to prevent muscle fatigue.

Fish Oil: For anti-inflammatory properties that help with injury prevention and recovery.

WPI: For strength and recovery benefits.


Swisse is proud to be the choice of the Qantas Wallabies, supporting their nutritional needs and high performance ambitions at home and abroad.