Loving the skin she’s in

Victoria Hanlon - Swisse Author
July 3, 2017

We just can’t get enough of model Brooke Hogan’s fun, relaxed, beach-girl style. So much so, that we’ve teamed up with the Aussie cover girl to answer your questions about her look, life, loves, and anything and everything else. Head over to our Instagram page to check out her responses.

One question that you asked time and again was about Brooke’s radiant skin. While it would be easy to think her glowing complexion is simply down to luck and genetics, Brooke would be the first to admit that beautiful skin takes work. Here she gives us her tips on keeping her skin looking its best, especially now that winter is well and truly in!



Let’s start with the basics. What sort of skin type do you have and how do you combat your challenging areas?  

Up until my early 20s, my skin was very normal, it was neither dry nor oily, with the occasional pimple when I was hormonal. However, over the past year or so, my skin has started to change a little bit! It goes through stages where it’s super dry, due to travelling, and I also get breakouts from lots of makeup being used at work.

Overall though, my skin is relatively good, although I am still working on getting it to where I want to be. One thing I always do to combat challenges is to make sure I cleanse and moisturise day and night. At the moment, I am using Swisse Natural Defence BB Cream including SPF. It gives great coverage and a gorgeous natural glow daily. And the best bit? It contains SPF 30+!


Do you find your skin changes in winter and do you change your skincare regime seasonally? 

I find my skin gets dry easily. I don’t change my regime seasonally, if anything I just apply moisturiser more often! 


How do you pamper yourself in winter? 

Regular face masks and regular facials! It’s a great way to relax and unwind, escape the cold and leaves your skin looking and feeling great.


What is your best anti-aging tip?

I always wear SPF when I am outside. I like to use Swisse’s BB creams/foundations with SPF in them to give me extra protection. Also, it’s an oldie but a goodie: drink lots of water! 

What’s the best skincare tip your mum told you to prevent aging? 

My mum and nan both have beautiful skin, so I am definitely listening to them when they tell me to keep my face out of the sun! Oh, and my mum swears by olive oil for keeping her skin young and fresh! 


What Swisse skincare product do you carry in your bag? 

When I travel I always take my Manuka honey mask with me, as soon as I get off the plane and get to my hotel, I put it straight on. Aeroplanes tend to dry out my skin and make me break out so the Swisse Manuka Honey Detoxifying Facial mask is perfect, I’m obsessed! 


Finally, there’s always going to be a time when you need a little extra help….what’s the best tip a makeup artist has taught you on the job? 

There are so many! Brushing your brows down and fill them in on top then brush them back up to make them look fuller, use a good moisturiser/primer before applying foundation, and when you’re tired, use a white eye liner pencil on your waterline to make your eyes look bigger and more awake! 


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