Hawks star Shaun Burgoyne shares his winter training tips

July 18, 2017

Describe your morning routine

My mornings are a little hectic. With four kids to get organized, I eat breakfast while tying shoelaces and helping to brush teeth. I try to do as much as I can to help out my wife with the kids. Then I quickly get dressed, grab a quick bite of toast or cereal and head off to training.


How do you motivate yourself to get up for those cold and wet winter morning training sessions?

Some mornings can be tough. Especially when I'm lying in bed under the blankets in the warmth and you can hear the rain pouring down outside and I know soon I will be out there training in it. I’ve been doing it for a number of years now and as a kid growing up training in the rain was what you looked forward to the most. Sliding in the mud and getting dirty with my cousins are some of my best memories. To be a professional athlete you just have to prepare yourself for whatever the weather throws at you, rain, hail or shine!


What does a typical day of training involve?

In the morning we have around two or three meetings followed by training prep that includes strapping and physiotherapy.  Then we do skills training out on the oval, anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. Then it's 30 minutes of weight training finished with ice baths and spa. 


How do you like to recover after a tough training session?

Usually I like to jump in the pool for some walk and swim recovery. I find this a good way to unwind, as it feels good on the body. Sometimes I'll alternate between the ice bath and spa. 


What advice would you give to young guys who dream of following you in your footsteps?

I've always been told that there is no substitute for hard work. You need to train hard and always listen to your coaches. 

Is there a particular sportsperson you admire most or who motivates you? 

I admire watching many sportspeople from all different codes whether that's in the NBA, NRL, NFL. Watching the best in the business definitely inspires me and motives me to want to be better myself. 


What would we find in your training bag or locker?

Pictures that my kids have drawn along with my tooth brush, deodorant, training gear, shoes, and vitamins.


Why did you become a wellness ambassador for Swisse?

If you were to look in my locker right now you would find my Swisse vitamins that I take every morning when I arrive to training. I wouldn't have become an ambassador if I didn't believe in the company. Swisse products give me exactly what I need to keep my body feeling its best. 


As a busy dad of four kids, how do you find time to relax and wind down when you’re not training? 

I find spending time with my family at home relaxing. Being an AFL player I miss out on a fair bit with the kids, especially when I'm away for games on the weekend. So getting to spend time with them is what I look forward to the most.