Max out every workout

Ashleigh Austen
July 15, 2016

Running between home and the gym leaves you with little time to drum up eggs on toast. Solution: sub in the shaker.

Aside from being convenient and economical, supplements offer up a reliable dose of macronutrients and vitamins to fill the gaps in your dietary intake.

No clue what to look for? This handy guide will ensure you get your supplement game strong from kickoff to the buzzer.


Pre-workout: Energise

If you’re feeling fatigued, a hit of pre-workout powder could mean the difference between an average workout and a superset. For the best pre-sweat prep, look for a product containing carbohydrates and a moderate amount of caffeine to help you stay strong through that final circuit or last leg of a long run.


During: Hydrate

When you’re sweating it out, think of water as your body’s cooling system. Keeping hydrated during exercise is paramount to fight fatigue and lengthen endurance.

Generally, plain H2O should do the trick, but if you're exercising for more than 60 minutes in hot, humid conditions, a sports drink provides a dose of carbohydrates and sodium, as well as fluids. On the flip, if you’re running or riding a long distance, a concentrated form of carbs, like energy gels, are a quick way to replenish glycogen in working muscles.



Post-workout: Rebuild

Following a tough training session, a post-workout recovery blend is the ticket to muscle recovery. Reach for a supplement with branched-chain amino acids to help support muscle health and repair taxed muscle tissue. And be sure to watch the clock. Consuming 20 to 40 grams of protein in within an hour will give your muscles the best shot at growth. Go for whey from grass-fed cows with minimal fillers for top results.


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