The summer skincare routine you need

Melissa Shedden
February 22, 2017

Sure, summer is practically made for kicking back and relaxing, but it’s definitely not a time to slack on your skincare routine.

Cruelly, we have a habit of doing exactly that, it turns out. A study published in the journal Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigative Dermatology shows the sun’s UV rays seem to account for 80 percent of visible facial signs of ageing. Oh.  

Here is your refresher course on the skincare to help maintain that healthy summer glow all year long.


The product: Cleanser

What: Surviving summer is dirty work. A calendar of makeup-requiring social events and the perspiration from just doing life in 30 degrees, means you need a thorough cleanse at night. The Swisse Olive Leaf Gel Cleanser is a natural, botanical enriched formula to gently remove makeup and impurities without over-drying. Winning. Add a toner to remove any residue left and rebalance skin like the Swisse Deep Sea Hydrating Mist Toner. Your clean pillowcase will also thank you.

Why: A good cleansing regime is what stands between you and blocked pores and breakouts.


The product: Exfoliator

What: Ditch old cells from your body like that ex-boyfriend. Slough with a skincare scrub made of dissolvable granules, like sea salt or sugar, way more gentle than abrasive coarse scrubs. Try the Swisse Sea Salt Body Polish. For your face, use a cleanser that contains a natural exfoliator like the Swisse Olive Leaf Gel Cleanser – it’s enriched with glycolic and salicylic acid to naturally exfoliate the skin.

Why: Nothing leaves skin more lackluster than dead-skin-cell backlog. Exfoliation helps remove surface dry or dead skin cells, but keep it to twice a week during the summer because baby soft new skin may mean increased sun-sensitivity and likelihood to burn. Ouch.


The product: Moisturiser

What: If summer gives you a serious case of shiny forehead, or teen-style pizza face, make the switch to products containing zinc oxide or marine extracts, which won’t clog pores. Try the Swisse Echinacea Clear Skin Moisturiser for its oil mattifying and sebum control benefits. You’ll be giving your skin the hydration and moisturisation it needs, without over-saturation or overloading. Same goes for the Swisse CoQ10 Facial Moisturiser a non-greasy formula, which also happens to have soothing aloe vera in it. And always moisturise while skin is slightly damp – the added hydration helps seal in moisture. For reals.

Why: With the increase in heat and humidity, you may think you can skip using moisturiser, but you’ve got to use it every day to get the accrued benefits.


The product: SPF

What: Protect yo’self from pesky brown spots and ageing sun damage with a SPF 15 or above. The heat and sun both cause the skin to produce more melanin, which causes this discolouration to appear or become more pronounced, which is why you want your products to protect against UVA, UVB and Infra-red rays. Try Swisse Natural Defence BB Cream SPF 30, a chemical-free formula with zinc and titanium oxide, ideal for all skin types that will even that skin tone right on up. Choose from light beige or medium beige.

Why: Dark spots often form when pigment-producing melanocytes are damaged or overstimulated by hormones and sun exposure.


The product: Oil

What: Avoid making your skin work as hard as your fan at night and opt for a lighter facial oil, over a heavy night cream. The Swisse Argan Face Oil is suitable for all skin types, particularly dry skin and blemish-prone skin. Gently massage 2-3 drops into clean, dry skin until absorbed. Plus, you can use the hardworking oil on your beach hair and cuticles.

Why: Despite the misconception that oils make skin greasy, if applied correctly they are highly effective at soothing and moisturising skin, while also providing barrier protection.


The product: Mask

What: Give your skin that extra TLC. Go for one of three types: Cream masks give parched skin the moisture it’s crying out for, gel masks can temporarily lower the skin’s temperature to reduce redness and sensitivity, while clay masks like the Swisse Manuka Honey Detoxifying Facial Mask are best for oil absorption and pore-clearing.

Why: For an extra cooling treat, put your gel mask in the fridge 30 minutes before use.