Harper and Harley blogger Sara Crampton in the spotlight

Olivia Lawrence (Admin)
December 11, 2017


If you’re on Instagram, you’ve no doubt come across a blog or snap from Aussie pioneer style blogger, Sara Crampton.

Living by her ‘less is more’ philosophy, she’s the face behind fashion blog, Harper and Harley. She also starred in the reality show Fashion Bloggers and is co-founder of the UNDONE, an online shopping destination for the effortless minimalist.

We recently sat down with her to find out what makes her tick, the foods she loves and how she prepared for her wedding day.


What does a day on your foodie plate look like? 


I love my two medium boiled eggs with salt and pepper in the morning or, if I am feeling adventurous, my go-to is smashed avocado on toast. I don’t forget my morning coffee….a piccolo.


Usually leftovers from the previous night. 


Being pescatarian I don’t eat meat; my husband will add his protein to whatever I have. Our absolute go-to is quinoa, roast veggies, sautéed kale and broccolini.


Are there any foods or ingredients you eat to look after your health and wellbeing?

As I mentioned before I don’t eat red meat so I make sure I get my iron from lots of green veggies. I avoid refined sugars…they are an absolute no-no!     


Do you have any favourite sports or exercises?

I love being outside enjoying the sunshine with my dogs. I either take them for a long walk after work or first thing in the morning.


Congratulations! You recently got married – how did you prep to achieve the glowing radiance you had on your big day?

Thank you so much, we had a magical time. Eight weeks out from the big day I refined my skincare routine back to the absolute basics, which my skin loved and thanked me for. I also got weekly omnilux facials, and incorporated alkaline supplements into my daily routine. 


Favourite Swisse product?

Swisse Ultiboost Radiant Skin – helps support radiant healthy skin and it’s so easy to add into my daily routine.




How do you celebrate life every day?

Getting outside and letting the sun touch my face and my feet touch the grass and, most of all, telling the ones closest to me that I love them dearly.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. Vitamins supplements should not replace a balanced diet.