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Father’s Day gift guide

August 30, 2017

With Father’s Day around the corner, it’s time to buy something special for the dad in your life this year. Check out our Swisse gift guide below to make this year guilt-free and extra memorable for your old man.


The Over-Indulgent Dad

He’s the dad who revels in a glass of red wine at dinner and a sherry with dessert each night. You’re always nagging him to take better care of himself, but he’s just a lover of life and doesn’t often listen or drink the green smoothie you put under his nose either. Make it easy for your dad this year and give his gut some extra TLC for the season ahead with these Swisse picks.


The Buff Dad

You’ll find the buff dad flexing his muscles in the gym, riding his bike to work, cutting laps in the pool or all of the above. He’s the dad who’s as strong as an ox and can run laps around you and mum. Restock your buff dad’s cupboard with all the latest health products to help him reach a new PB (*personal best) this Father’s Day.


The Workaholic Dad

He’s the dad you’ll see smiling at his morning short-black before racing into the office. Usually your standard go-to present for Father’s Day is a new tie or pen, however this year is different! Buy your workaholic dad a gift to support a good night’s sleep with the Swisse sleep range and Men’s Power Ultivite to assist mental performance for number crunching energy.


The Grandad

You remember him growing up as tough as nails, but now he’s the loveable grandad and ultimate softie to your family. Treat the grandad in your life with the gift of good health, we recommend Swisse Joint Pain Relief to support joint health to help him keep up with the grandkids and the High Strength Ginkgo to support cognitive function and keep him ahead of the game on the golf course.