Straight out of Rio: Matt Glaetzer, Cycling

August 11, 2016

What will you do before your first race?

I’ll get up in the morning around 7.30am for an activation session, a bit of squatting and stair runs, before jumping on the bike for 20 minutes. Then I’ll put my feet up, have some lunch and head off to the race.


What’s been your experience of the velodrome in Rio?

It’s been better every session. It’s all looking good and should be a really good track.


How are you feeling ahead of your sell-out first race?

The place is going to be packed. It’s always a great environment to be in. With the 10 second countdown it’s just silence and then the place erupts as soon as the gun goes.


You were a late call up to the Olympic team in 2012. What does it mean to have your family here in Rio?

I really wanted my family to experience the Olympics for themselves because I knew how awesome and massive it was in London. For them to be here, backing me in the crowd, for almost every session that I’m racing, it’s going to be awesome. I can share that moment with them which will be really special.


What about support back home?

My cousin Alison has permission from her mum to stay up as late as she wants to watch me race and then she can go late to school [laughs]. That’s awesome. My mates from my church, they love it and they watched me race last time. I’m in more races this time, so they should have more chance to see me.


You’re one of the only athletes with a TV in your room?

Yes, it’s become a hub for the team. It’s definitely getting busier now that competition has started. We’re charging a door fee to get in! [laughs]. That hashtag #oneteam is actually a legitimate feeling among our crew. It’s good for us to share and watch other sports together. 

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