Will Tomlinson’s quest to power the warrior within us all

Olivia O'Donahoo (Admin)
April 11, 2018


When we think of Will Tomlinson we think … WARRIOR! “Wild” Will, as he was known throughout his boxing career, reached the pinnacle of his sport in 2011 capturing the IBO super featherweight world title and defending it three years in a row.

Who is “Wild” Will?

Will started boxing when he was just 12 years old, after deciding that a “four foot bloke with freckles” wasn’t built for the traditional Aussie sport of AFL football. His competitive nature meant that the sport suited him to a tee. At the beginning, Will had no real ambitions of turning it into a career. But as he continued to fight, he continued to win, and he became utterly hooked on that winning sensation and everything that came with it.

After 10 years of training and fighting, with some amazing world title wins under his belt, Will retired from professional boxing in 2016, but he wasn’t finished there – nowhere near! Will had learned so much from the elite trainers and nutritionists around him that he wanted to pass this invaluable knowledge onto others, through projects he was passionate about. His love of boxing and healthy food led him to open up two business ventures; fast growing Tribute Boxing and health and wellness café, Hunters Harvest.


How Will powers the WARRIOR within him

Nutrition and movement have always been important aspects of Will’s training and life. Throughout his career, he learned to appreciate healthy, nutritious food and the benefits that come from eating lean and clean. To get results from any form of exercise, Will believes you have to commit to training and the way you eat. For him, his diet consists of high protein, low complex carbs, moderate healthy fats, high fibre and LOTS of water – approx. 6 litres if he trains twice a day. As you can see from Will’s Instagram (@willtomlinsonau) he is a big fan of the Pure Warrior Powered by Swisse range and is passionate about the fact that the protein doesn’t contain any nasty fillers. Will starts every day with a Pure Warrior Powered by Swisse Extreme Whey Chocolate smoothie and enjoys a protein shake after each gruelling training session.

How you can power the WARRIOR within you

Will’s philosophy on life is to love what you do and you will never work a day in your life. He turned his dreams of being a professional boxer as a kid into reality and believes good things happen to people with a vision. “Make a plan, work relentlessly to reach your goals, never give up and last but not least, don’t forget to enjoy the ride”.