1.       By accepting and continuing a subscription of certain products, you agree to:


a)       these terms and conditions;

b)      Swisse’s website terms and conditions (available at; and

c)       any variation to a) and b).


2.       We may offer selected products to be ordered on a reoccurring basis, whereby you agree to purchase the nominated goods at a certain price on subscription. If you elect to do so, we will take the payment from your credit or debit card according to the weekly period specified by you, and then dispatch the goods to you on a continuing basis, until such time as the subscription is cancelled by either us or you.


3.       In order to modify or cancel your subscription, log into your account and go to Subscriptions, then select to cancel or edit either the delivery address or your preferred method of payment. If you do not request to modify or cancel your subscription at least 3 business days before your next payment date, we reserve the right to dispatch the goods in accordance with your original subscription and to take payment from your nominated credit or debit card, before we proceed to cancel your subscription.


4.       We may cancel your subscription at any time, including without limitation, when the selected products are no longer sold by Swisse, or if we reasonably believe that you have failed to comply with these terms and conditions, or if we wish to alter the price of the selected products, or if we attempt to take payment from your nominated credit or debit card and it is declined on more than one occasion, or if we inform you of a change to these terms and conditions and you advise us within 14 days that you do not agree to the updated terms and conditions.


5.       Swisse reserves the right to amend any discounts available as well as these terms and conditions from time to time. Swisse shall use all reasonable efforts to communicate any changes on the Swisse website. Continued use of the services will indicate your acceptance of these changes. If there are any alterations to the price of the products included in your subscription, we will inform you within a reasonable time prior to your next payment date via email.


6.       It is your responsibility to ensure that your personal details are correct, including email, shipping delivery and payment details, and to notify us of any changes to them. If you fail to update your details, Swisse takes no responsibility if the products are delivered to the wrong address or if payment is declined or if you do not receive notification via email of a change to your subscription.


7.       By signing up for a subscription, the applicable discount will automatically be applied to your cart at checkout and will remain for the length of your subscription. This discount is not available in conjunction with any other offers, member discount or for resale purposes. All promotions and discounts are subject to change. In addition to these specified terms and conditions relating to subscriptions, all of our other terms and conditions apply.


8.       Swisse collects, uses, discloses and stores your personal information for the purpose of fulfilling your subscription, without which we could not do so. Swisse may disclose your information to our third party providers in order to assist us in fulfilling your subscription, which may include disclosure overseas. Swisse’s Privacy Policy is available at https://swisse/en-au/privacy, and contains more information on how we manage your personal information, including how you can access and correct your information or how to make a complaint.


9.       If you agree when registering, Swisse will send you marketing material regarding special offers, product information and other information relating to Swisse. You can opt out of receiving marketing materials at any time but unsubscribing from our mailing list.