Turn goals into gains

Pure Warrior powered by Swisse

Great news: you just got a food prep wingman!

Today, we're launching four goal-specific meal plans, designed by Swisse dietitian, Simone Austin.

Simone has over 20 years experience in sports nutrition, most recently responsible for fuelling Hawthorn AFL Football Club, The Australian Cricket Team and Melbourne Storm Rugby League Club.

The nutrition ebooks house everything from diet tips, to sample menus, recipes and suggested portion sizes. Match your training goals to the meal plan below. Then, hit download.

This meal plan serves as a general nutritional guide only. It is not intended as a substitute for consultation with or treatment by a medical or dietary professional. It is to be followed in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and exercise program. It does not take into account activity levels, exercise sessions, metabolic rate, body weight, body composition, medical conditions or dietary needs or restrictions, all of which will vary based on the individual and have an impact on results. As such, following the meal plan does not in any way guarantee the achievement of a fitness goal. Swisse accepts no liability whatsoever for any illness, injury or other harm suffered in respect of participation in the meal plan which is, in all cases, followed at an individual’s own risk.