Swisse Vitamin E Facial Moisturiser is a natural, gentle moisturiser. Luxuriously formulated to nourish and nurture sensitive skin. Enriched with natural Vitamin E, Organic Macadamia Oil and Olive Squalene to help protect and nourish, Plantolin to calm redness and irritation, and Chamomile and Oat extracts to soothe the skin. Your skin will feel hydrated and smooth.



✓ Ideal for dry, cracked, irritated and sensitive skin

✓ Contains skin calming actives

✓ Made from natural ingredients


  • Vitamin E

    An important antioxidant to protect the lipid membranes of the skin cells from oxidative damage and reduce skin sensitivity. Vitamin E preserves the integrity of the skin’s barrier and strengthens the skin’s ability to withstand external environmental stresses, as well as reducing dehydration from trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL).

  • Grape Seed and Safflower Seed Oil

    Natural plant oils high in linoleic acid that replenish the skin and strengthen the skin’s barrier.

  • Aloe Vera

    Contains more than 70 essential compounds including most vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins and amino acids, which provide the plant’s many healing and soothing effects on the skin, as well as being a rich source of hydration.

  • Glycerine

    A natural humectant that increases the skin’s capacity to hold moisture. Glycerine rapidly restores dry skin to normal hydration levels and helps prevent a return to dryness even when the skin is exposed to cold, arid environments.

  • Squalene

    Derived from olive oil. Squalene is a natural constituent of skin sebum, which is an important component to the skin’s natural barrier. Strengthening the skin barrier is the first step in reducing skin sensitivity.

  • Chamomile Essential Oil

    Provides a calming and soothing effect on the skin. Chamomile essential oil also has antibacterial properties.


Apply as required to face and décolletage. Massage gentle into skin in a circular motion.


Store below 28 degrees Celsius.


Test prior to use. In the unlikely event of a negative reaction, consult your medical practitioner.


Is this product suitable for vegans?

Yes! This product is suitable for vegans

Is this product suitable for vegetarians?

Yes! This product is suitable for vegetarians.

Should I perform a test patch when starting this product?

Yes! We suggest performing a skin patch test prior to applying any Swisse Wellness Skincare Products. Apply a small amount of product to your forearm, massage gently into the skin then wait 24 hours to observe if any dermal challenge occurs. This process can be repeated on other areas of the body to fully determine suitability before liberal application.

Does this product contain any harmful ingredients?

We are happy to confirm that this product does not contain any parabens, SLS, SLES, synthetic fragrances and colours, petrolatum, silicones, mineral oils, phthalates, TEA, DEA, urea or peroxide

Does this product contain palm oil?

We do not use palm oil as an ingredient however, some ingredients are derived from palm oil. We are committed to ensuring that any palm oil derived ingredients used in our cosmetic products are only sourced from certified sustainable palm oil (CSPO), which is produced by palm oil plantations that have been independently audited and found to comply with the globally agreed environmental standards devised by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

Is this product tested on animals?

We are pleased to advise that none of the products in the Swisse Skincare Range are tested on animals