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We're excited to annouce the 2019 Swisse Best Off Ground winner and runners up. 

We received over 993 nominations this year and thank you kindly for participating. 

2019 Swisse Best Off Ground Winner

Brooke "Foxy" Fox, Eastern Devils Football Club

Foxy makes an incredible contribution to the Eastern Devils Football club and is a true representation of what the Swisse Best Off Ground competition stands for. On game day, she is the first to arrive and last to leave, always putting her hand up for clean-up, set up and cooking duties.  She has been involved in the club for over 20 years as a volunteer, club president, secretary, team manager and a key player and driving force behind the local women’s league, aswell as finding the club a new home when they didn’t have a ground to play on. Without Foxy’s hard work and dedication, the club may not exist and many of today’s rising AFLW women’s stars would not have had the opportunity to shine and be drafted through her mentorship. Congratulations Foxy!

Runners up (in no particular order)

Gerard Ilsley, Eaglehawk Football Netball Club

Gerard is an amazing support for the Eaglehawk Football and Netball Club holding various roles at the club for 53 years, first starting out as a record seller at the age of 7. He’s nicknamed ‘The Moth’ because ‘if the light is on, Gerard is there’. Today, Gerard lends a helping hand on any task that needs doing. From washing jumpers, cleaning club rooms, pumping up footballs or filling water bottles. He’s also been a club secretary, on and off for the last 15 years. His club acknowledge Gerard as a ‘fair dinkum legend’ and the ‘wind beneath their wings’. Congratulations Gerard!

Stewart Willey, Youth Development Unit (YDU)

Stewart demonstrates what one quiet, hard-working, unassuming man can achieve through football in a remote town. He voluntarily founded the Tennant Creek Youth Development Unit (YDU) FC 15 years ago as a "vehicle" to engage and empower young Indigenous men. After not filling a 2018 team, 2019 saw Stewart initially take on every role at YDUFC; Coach, Team Manager, Administrator and Off-field Mentor. Low training numbers would have seen most quit, but after a slow start, YDU now has 3 wins with over 90 boys and young men having the opportunity to get involved. He also voluntarily washes all guernseys for all teams. His footy success extends well off the field providing employment, training courses, mentoring, listening, administration and mediation for the young men and much more. Congratulations Stewart!


We'd like to acknowldege our inspirational finalists: 

  • Brooke "Foxy" Fox, Eastern Devils Football Club
  • Paul Beneke, Broadview Football Club Inc.
  • Marion Leslie, Robinvale-Euston Football Netball Club
  • Charlie, Montmorency FC
  • Darren Jackson, Whitsunday Australian Football Club
  • Gerard Ilsley, Eaglehawk Football Netball Club
  • Stewart Willey, Youth Development Unit (YDU)
  • Michael O'Rourke, Rye Football and Netball Club
  • Kath Mulquiny, Charlton Football Club
  • Dan Croucher, Blue Mountains Kangaroos.


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