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Why work at Swisse?

Our Wellness pillar is brought to life through a focus on Movement, Nutrition and Mind health. Not only do we invest heavily in enabling these three pillars of health and happiness in our own team members, but it is also reflected in our marketing and communications, including expert advice and blogs on diet and nutrition, exercise and movement, meditation and mindfulness.

About our culture

Our culture has always been humanistic, progressive and a key enabler of our business strategy. More than words on our office walls, “Celebrate Life Every Day” is the founding principle that guides how we treat the people that make our company great, adopting a mindset of positivity and gratitude!

We believe our success is directly linked to the healthy, happy and high impact culture, and aim for every new person we bring into the business to positively contribute in a healthy and happy (H&H) way. We are passionate about our team bringing their whole selves to work.

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Team Member Benefits

We know people work best when they’re health and happy within the workplace, so at Swisse Wellness, we look after our team members!

Some of our Team Member benefits include:

  • Paid parental leave
  • Ride to Work Scheme
  • H&H days – 5 additional annual leave days per year
  • Professional development Assistance via LinkedIn Learning subscriptions and a partnership with Open Universities Australia
  • Salary continuance and Personal Accident insurance
  • Flexible working opportunities
  • Bring your dog to work
  • 1 day every year to volunteer
  • Opportunities to get involved in community and sustainability initiatives
  • Guided meditation classes
  • Bike servicing and bike storage
  • Onsite gym and fitness classes as well as standing desks in the office
  • Annual product allowance
  • Team Member Recognition Program
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Team member Referral Bonus
  • Financial Wellness education
  • Healthy breakfast and snacks
  • Team connection lunches
  • Fantastic corporate deals at nearby businesses and gyms

Swisse believes that being part of a caring, respectful community is important for everyone's health. Club CLED is our social and community committee, consisting of self-nominated team members from all areas of the business. Our Club CLED team is responsible for planning and organising team connection events throughout the year at all Swisse sites. Examples of previous events include regenerative tree planting, dogs to work days and mid-year celebrations.

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Club CLEW is driven by Swisse team members to enable the team to connect and belong. We empower a passionate representative group to develop our diversity and inclusion position. CLEW – Celebrate Life Every Way - is underpinned by the philosophy that everyone is unique, special and welcome. The CLEW team continually support the business to ensure team members can bring their whole self to work.

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Our Locations

With almost 450 team members globally, Swisse Wellness has offices located in nine countries around the world, including:

  • Australia – Melbourne & Sydney
  • New Zealand - Auckland
  • USA – San Diego
  • Italy – Milan
  • Netherlands – Amsterdam
  • UK – London
  • Asia – Guangzhou, Singapore & Hong Kong

Learning and Development

By providing pathways for our team to broaden or deepen their skills, we encourage our Team Member’s to reach their full potential.

Work Based Learning

Swisse understands the importance of harnessing and maximising internal talent. Some opportunities for this include:

Project participation: Placing high potential talent in short to medium term projects, to increase their exposure and understanding.

Secondments: Proactively recruiting for parental leave cover from internal talent.

Intern program: Recruiting graduate talent with high-demand skill sets for our 12 month intern program.

Technical Development

Given the diversity of technical competencies required across our business units, technical development is provided through external online learning modules, external providers and internal experts.

Online content is available for all team members through LinkedIn Learning.

The Swisse Professional Development Assistance (PDA) program allows team members to apply for business support to access external learning. The support could be either financial and/or time off to complete their study. We have partnered with Open Universities Australia to launch the PDA program.

Savvy Sessions are training sessions delivered by internal experts to share knowledge that is specifically relevant to Swisse and the H&H Group teams.

Personal development

To support our Swisse teams in bringing their whole self to work, a range of sessions are offered to provide education and inspiration. An important focus is the mental and emotional health of team members, offering support through our employee assistance program, Benestar.


The CLED!heads program is all about helping the teams to live the Swisse philosophy of Celebrate Life Every Day! CLED is about having a mindset that is both optimistic and grateful, which in turn increases an individual’s empathy and resilience.

Swisse works with external specialists areas to facilitate each session. The content focuses on concepts such as resilience, coping skills, vulnerability and growth mindset. Team members are encouraged to invite family and friends to CLED!heads sessions, so the wider Swisse community can benefit.

Coaching and mentoring

Our team members have access to coaching and mentoring, to support and enhance their own personal development. Coaches provide bespoke programs that focus on areas such as personal branding, presence, communication styles and goal achievement. The team also has access to external and internal mentors with extensive business, leadership and sector experience.

Leadership development

Swisse’s leadership development programs are delivered through the Leadership Collective, which comprises of six modules that all have elements of workshop and online delivery, with follow-up project activity. The modules are run monthly and on rotation, to enable new leaders to join program.