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Our People

Vasilisa, Mursal and Jessica

Q. What did you study whilst at university?

Vasilisa and Mursal: Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Pharmaceutical Sciences) and a Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Hon) through RMIT.

Jessica: Forth year business student at RMIT stydying a Bachelor of International Business.

Q. Why did you choose Swisse to complete your internship?

Vasilisa: I chose Swisse because it seemed like such an amazing place to work, where everyone is friendly and very supportive. I have a big interest in complementary medicines and I felt like I would learn a lot and would grow as a person, which I definitely have in the past 5 months.

Mursal: Swisse called out to memore as we don't just have listed medicine, we also range natural skincare and I love skincare!

Jessica: I chose to complete my internship at Swisse as I am majoiring in International Busines with a minor in Marketing. As Swisse had recently been purchased by an international company, it seemed like a good fit, and obviously Swisse is known for being a brand with a heavy focus on marketing it seemed like the perfect fit for my course.

Q. What types of projects were you involved with during your internship?

Vasilisa: I have been heavily involved with the Clinical Trials department where I learnt about trials from a sponsor point of view; I have been involved in every aspect of the trials, from IP manufacture, shipment and clinical trial start up. I assisted with our site activation (CSIRO, Swinburne, Emeritus) where I prepared and presented presentations, followed up on document collection and written reports regarding the study start up.

Mursal: I worked closely with the clinical trials team and assisted with the scientific affairs team; organising meeting agendas and taking down meeting minutes, maintaining the trial master file for clinical trials and attending Melbourne sites for our studies. I also worked with the Regulatory Affairs team, responding to TGA queries; learning the regulatory framework for complementary medicine in general.

Jessica: I was involved in many different projects in my year at Swisse as I worked with many different teams during my placement. Some of the larger projects were the AFL and Masterchef campaigns and the NIcole Kidman Nashville shoot.

Q. What was / has been your favourite part of your Swisse journey so far?

Vasilisa: I have really enjoyed every aspect of my internship so far as I have been given a great chance to expand my knowledge; I have specifically enjoyed working with my loveley Clinical Trials team who have always been very friendly and supportive throughout this time, as well as just the love being surrounded by positive energy at the office too!

Mursal: Working with the friendliest teams and learning about complementary medicine in much greater detail! From working in 2 different departments, I was able to figure out what field I really enjoyed and therefore knew what I wanted to pursue after my placement. I was lucky enough to be offered a permanent role at the end of my placement!

Jessica: I really enjoy the positive environment and attitude of everyone that works here. It makes coming into work each day much more enjoyable when you are surrounded by such positive people! I also really enjoyed the variation of tasks that I got to undertake as it gave me a better understanding of how the business works as a whole. All of the work that I completed was really interesting and it was so easy to stay engaged throughout the year. I too was also offered a permanent role at the end of my internship which I am able to perform part time whilst I finish the final year of my degree!