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Our People

Rik Isaksen

Q. Can you share with us in a couple of sentences about your journey at Swisse?

My journey at Swisse began just as we entered a period of rapid expansion 3 years ago - it was a positive challenge for the business and just the start of what was to come... Over the next few years we moved Distribution Centre (DC), rolled out a new ERP and expanded the DC again. My roles have evolved within the ever-changing Supply Chain, and given me broad experience across many work areas. What next? I can only guess - this new role is another step in my amazing journey so far, and I look forward to the path it takes me on.

Q. Why do you like working at Swisse?

For me, both professionally and personally it feels like 10 years of development has been squashed into a third of that time. It's incredibly rewarding to learn and adapt along the way, being supported by a great team around me and a company that has invested in our progression and development.

Q. What has been your most memorable moment at Swisse?

I enjoy reflecting on the first day of the new ERP being rolled out! It is the strongest single memory, watching the first order being picked and invoices - a huge moment of success for everyone that worked on it! Incredibly satisfying and a great achievement by the team!