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Our People

Lisa Carlton

Office Coordinator

Lisa Carlton shares with us her recent experience participating in the #OneBigTeam Skill Share program.

How has your role as Office Coordinator enabled you to participate in the One Big Team Skill Share program this year?

I’ve always been keen to learn new things and apply myself in different ways, which is why I reached out to the P&C team and am now involved in the OBT Skill Share program. I’m currently supporting the People and Culture, the Legal Team and the Digital Team on a variety of tasks from invoicing to website management, as well as spending time at Keilor Park.

What are you hoping to gain from being part of this initiative?

The Skill Share program is a perfect opportunity to network and build connections within a people who I don’t usually work with. I’m hoping to increase my knowledge and show myself that I am capable of performing tasks and outside of my current skill set (and comfort zone!). I have already learnt so much and it’s great to be able to take on new projects with full support of the teams I am working with.

Do you have a highlight from your time spent with the team at Keilor Park?

It was a real eye opener seeing how our packing centre operates and just how different the KP site is compared to our office at Cambridge Street! Our team out at KP is very hard working and incredibly friendly and outgoing, and I’ve been supporting them on the effervescent repackaging project. Fortunately, other Office Team members and I have been working together at KP so it’s nice to still be seeing and working alongside familiar faces!

What have you learned about yourself that has surprised you?

I’ve learn that I can apply myself in a number of different work areas at one time and that I can multitask effectively. Initially I felt a little overwhelmed with some of the work that I wasn’t overly familiar with, however, I was able to pick things up quickly and apply myself to each task/projects.

What would you say to other team members who are interested in taking part?

I highly recommend our team members take part in the OBT Skill Share Program, as it really is a fantastic way to develop your skills and learn something new. There is a broad range of projects available, which can be modified depending on your current workload and skill level within that area… start with an open mind and a willingness to learn!