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Our People

Lauren Hansen

Q. How has your journey been at Swisse so far?

I actually can't believe I've worked at Swisse for 8-years, however there has not been a single year that I would define as "normal" with the rapid growth, international expansion and change of ownership. My first role was Marketing Manager which was a dream job given the investment Swisse makes to Ambassador campaigns and Innovation. In 2003 when we signed the JV with P&G I managed the partnership and relocated to London to establish the office and team. Naturally my role took on a more technical and operations focus as we launched Swisse in Europe and Asia. The process of evolving from a specialist in marketing to a broader operations role set me up for my current and biggest career challenge as GM.

Q. What is our most memorable moment since you've been at Swisse?

Wow, so many over the years especially with all of the friendships, travel and events! However in 2013 we exhibited the Swisse brand internationally for the first time at the largest natural products trade show... and we received an incredible response about the brand and company culture. It was a defining period for Swisse going global and something I was very proud to be a part of.

Q. What excites you about the furure with Swisse?

H&H ownership is already providing incredible opportunities to work across multiple categories and brands, in new markets and the ambition to become Number One Health & Wellness brand globally. We wouldn't put it out there if we knew we couldn't do it! So I'm excited to play a significant role in helping to achieve this!

Q. What advice do you have for future, women leaders?

Be open-minded, adaptive and always willing to learn. Actually, this applies to anyone who wants their career to continually progress! For women, I think networks are very important. We like to talk and sense-check our thoughts, so build a trusted network of colleagues, family & friends to connect with.