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Our People

John Ashcroft

How do you spend yours days at H&H?

Day to day the DC is a large consumer of energy and resources. At the H&H Group we’re being challenged to look for new ways to reduce our footprint whilst still maintaining and increasing efficiency. What we achieved was a significant saving in material handling equipment and consumables by reducing the number of forklifts through analysis of use vs. idle time to make more efficient use of the remaining fleet. We have also reduced the minimum order quantity of consumables such as pallet wrapping and have implemented Just in Time ordering.

What excites me most is challenging the team to think up innovative ways we can save in our everyday activities to reduce even further our consumption of both energy and material costs.

Tell us about your journey and how you go to where you are!

I have 30+ years’ experience in operation and logistics, mainly third-party services specialising in storage and distribution of POS and marketing material.

I commenced with H&H Group 5 years ago in May.

Starting as Warehouse Manager at our Maddox Street facility of 2200 pallet spaces and managing the operational transition to our Botany facility of 13,500 pallet spaces.

I was promoted to Distribution Centre Manager in June of last year.

In your view, how does H&H support career development?

For me the two biggest assets at H&H are trust & training. To know that others have confidence in your abilities and to have a structured development plan that gives clarity and vision is a huge support and encouragement towards growth.

What opportunities have you had in your time at H&H that have challenged you and helped you grow?

The biggest opportunity for me was the relocation of the DC. To have so many different competing priorities relating to the move yet being able to maintain operations was a proud moment in my professional career.

What advice would you give to someone looking to take the next step in their career?

Have confidence in yourself but never stop learning. Always be considerate of your team mates and collaborate. No one can achieve everything themselves without help from others.

What makes you proud to be part of the H&H one big team?

Being part of the amazing success and growth of H&H and having my team experience the achievements along with me.