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Charlotte Martens

This May, we welcomed Charlotte Martens to our Netherlands Team, here's some highlights of her Swisse journey so far...

Q. What attracted you to Swisse Netherlands?

In March of this year I went n the press trip to Sicily with Swisse for my previous job at Vogue Nederland. During this trip I got the chance to meet some amazing people who work for Swisse and got to experience the brand in its full glory (I mean, I got to meet Swisse ambassafor Nicole Kidman). As I got to know more and more about the brand, the work environment and people & culture, I started to think that it would be a great fit for me as a person. I've come to realise how important your health is to your happiness, and I think that is exactly what Swisse and H&H stand for: "making people healthier and happier". So for me, it was the perfect match!

What have you enjoyed most about your journey so far?

I've enjoyed every day so far! But I've to say, I'm not only learning about the digital world, but I'm also learning a lot from my wonderful team here in The Netherlands. They have such a broad knowledge of the business, marketing, sales, logistics, that's amazing! Besides that, I've really enjoyed my trip to London this past week, it's been great to see that it's not just "Team NL", but that the people in the London office are also your team and that they'll support you in any way they can. It's a great feeling to know that people have your back!

What excites you most about your Swisse Future?

It excites me to develop myself as a digital marketer at Swisse. I'm eager to start to work on the digital side of Swisse Netherlands and create more awareness for the brand, it's heritage and the quest we are on.